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Biden’s mattress is wobbly? | sangbadpratidin

Biden’s mattress is wobbly? | sangbadpratidin
Biden’s mattress is wobbly? | sangbadpratidin

US presidential election in 2024. Much more water remains to be shed. However, the way Joe Biden has blindly supported and helped Israel in the recent Palestine-Israel conflict raises the question – where is the difference between him and Donald Trump? This is a theoretical deviation for the Democrat leader. in pen Suman Bhattacharya

AAmerica’s Vice President Kamala Harris is married to a Jew. So during this crisis non-white American voters, who are aligning themselves in support of the Palestinian cause, do not trust Vice President Harris.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has forced the resignation of her chief diplomatic adviser, Francesco Talo. Talo was previously Italy’s ambassador to Israel and NATO. Italy’s neo-Nazi prime minister fired his own chief adviser – Talo told Meloni on the phone of someone he thought was an African Union official. Called his ‘chief adviser’, Meloni also discussed with him a wide range of issues from the war in Ukraine to the European Union. Later, after the phone conversation was leaked on social media, it was revealed that he had actually spoken to Russian comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyrov. These two comedians popularly known as ‘Vovan’ and ‘Lexus’ fooled the Prime Minister of Italy in this way. The diplomat and chief adviser to the prime minister in Italy’s dockside eventually resigned with all responsibility.

As this incident was discussed in Europe, the Russian press did not stop making fun of it. And Vladimir Putin? The Russian dictator must have smiled because the two comedians of his country made a fool of the head of a major European country!

Putin and Moscow, however, have many reasons to be ‘happy’. The Kremlin is supposed to be excited by the way the popularity of US President Joe Biden, whose main enemy has been with him for the past few years, is decreasing day by day.

[আরও পড়ুন: ছেলে বিক্রি! দেশের ঘুণ ধরা অর্থনীতির দুঃসহ ছবি?]

Iran has already joined the Russia-China axis in international politics, but Moscow will see its own diplomatic success as the conflict between Palestine and Israel is driving the Arab countries, or rather the Muslim world, away from Washington. No matter what is happening in international politics, there is no need to doubt that Joe Biden’s popularity is decreasing day by day, especially in the United States. Before the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began, US opinion polls showed Republican front-runner Donald Trump tied with Joe Biden among voters. Both Biden and Trump had ratings of 42 points. But the war between Gaza and Tel Aviv has changed the entire equation of US politics.

Polls are already indicating that ‘colored voters’, the Democrats’ main vote bank, are shifting votes away from Biden. Arab Muslims, South Asians and blacks are raising questions in America, originally known as the ‘Land of Immigrants’. If Biden also blindly supports Israel, does not sweat the bloodbath in Gaza, then he is better than Donald Trump, why should we believe this? We have to remember, it was the votes of these communities that helped Biden defeat Donald Trump in 2020. Let’s see with an example. In ‘swing states’ like Michigan, where Biden’s margin of victory was 150,000 votes, the Arab Muslim population is close to 200,000.

The report of the ‘New York Times’ said, this time the Arab Muslims of Michigan are not ready to support Biden at all. America’s Arab immigrants think that if Donald Trump comes, what could be worse for them!

120 nations vote for Russia-China-backed UN ceasefire resolution . On Saturday, large marches in support of Palestinian demands in various cities from New York to Washington, the demonstration actually says that not only the Jewish lobby is active in the country of free thought, but also its rival or Arab Muslim interest groups are not backing down to show their strength. That is why when Rashida Talib, who is known as the only Palestinian Muslim female member of the US Congress, posted a video on social media and wrote that she will never forgive Joe Biden for supporting the genocide in Gaza and will pay all the bills in 2024, the next presidential election. Then it is not difficult to understand what Rashida really wants to say as the face of Arab Muslims.

Joe Biden is already looking pretty shaky ahead of the 2024 presidential election as the Democratic nominee. If the main reason for this is the possibility of Donald Trump re-entering the field as a candidate of the Republican Party on the one hand and the extreme popularity of the former US president among the far-right, on the other hand, many people are skeptical about the current resident of the 80-plus White House. At that time the Palestinian-Israeli conflict changed everything. America’s Vice President Kamala Harris is herself a ‘Colored Woman’, but she is married to a Jew. So during this crisis non-white American voters, who are aligning themselves in support of the Palestinian cause, do not trust Vice President Harris. These non-white voters in America feel that the movement for equality that has been going on there for the last 100 years against white supremacy must be expanded to support the opposition to Israel and the demand for a Palestinian state. That is why, after the killing of the black George Floyd by a white policeman, the protest organizations that marched down the streets of America, this time they are back to demand the status and recognition of Palestine as an independent sovereign state.

Remember, the progressive left and non-whites in the American electorate are the Democrats’ main vote bank. If that part of the American electorate feels that Biden has betrayed them ideologically by blindly supporting Israel, then it will be a big blow to the Democratic candidate before the 2024 election. Most recently, nearly all opinion polls show Biden’s popularity among voters under 35 bottoming out. Worryingly, among the younger generation of Democrats, even those who support the current president cannot see eye-to-eye.

So what happens? If you can handle all the legal obstacles, is Donald Trump’s return as a right-wing president guaranteed? Because the progressive part of American society who vote for Democrats, they think Joe Biden’s support for Israel is an ideological deviation. The question of Arab Muslims and blacks, is Biden really different from Trump or liberal?

So is it inevitable that Donald Trump will return to the White House in the next US presidential election? Or will the Democrats understand the crisis and try to maintain their control by changing their presidential candidate? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict has not only changed international politics, but has completely upended America’s domestic equation.

[আরও পড়ুন: গাজা যুদ্ধে ট্রাপিজের খেলায় ভারত, কোন পথে হাঁটছে মোদি সরকার?]

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