The courtroom is not a political stage, the judge threatened Trump

The courtroom is not a political stage, the judge threatened Trump
The courtroom is not a political stage, the judge threatened Trump

Donald Trump’s business fraud case came up in a New York court on Monday (November 6). The judge made this comment there.

He reduced the value of his business and property while taking the loan. Again, the value has been increased a lot during the sale of the property. Donald Trump and his family are being sued in a New York court for this charge, which the judge has already found the former US president guilty of. The case was heard on Monday. Trump took the stand for a testimonial or defense. There the judge directly questioned him.

Trump deflected every question the judge asked. Most of the time he said the same thing over and over again. Trump argued with Judge Arthur Ngoran several times. In fact, Trump has been fined twice for questioning the justice system and contempt of courtroom.

Trump said Arthur never ruled on his behalf. He is there to insult Trump. He alleged that the trial against Trump is being conducted to politically embarrass him before the 2024 election. In reply, the judge said, the former president can go outside the court and bring as many charges against him as he wants. But the courtroom is not a political stage. Trump must answer the judge’s questions there. The judge also complained that Trump was wasting the court’s time.

Businesses may be closed in New York
Trump may be fined $250 million in the current case. His business in New York may also close. In the coming days neither he nor his family will be able to do any business in New York. However, the current case is different from the other cases against him. Trump cannot be arrested in this case. Trump will not have any problem in fighting the election.

Trump said in court that no one has ever had a problem with his business activities. But the New York Attorney General alleged that Trump earned at least $100 million extra. His fortune has increased to about two million dollars. Trump, however, did not want to accept it. He also publicly insulted the New York attorney as a ‘black woman’ and ‘out of control’.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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