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Prices of eggs and potatoes are decreasing in imports

Prices of eggs and potatoes are decreasing in imports
Prices of eggs and potatoes are decreasing in imports

Imported eggs and potatoes have started arriving in the country. The price of eggs and potatoes has dropped another step due to the news of import from India. The price has already started to be affected. Buyers said that the prices of eggs and potatoes were slightly lower than before on Monday (November 6). After 62,000 eggs arrived in the country in a truck from India, the wholesale price of each in the market dropped to 80 paisa.

Meanwhile, the price of potatoes has also decreased after importation. Sellers claim that retail prices have fallen by more than 10 rupees per kg. Last Sunday evening, eggs were sold at the rate of 10 taka 20 paisa in the wholesale shops of Karwan Bazar after the truck entered through the Benapole Port of Jessore. The previous day the price was 11 rupees.

After the market went out of control, the government started issuing permits to 15 companies to import 15 crore eggs from September 17. But due to various complications, it takes 49 days for the first shipment to arrive. On September 21, BDS Corporation, which was authorized to bring one crore eggs, brought a truckload of eggs. Their import cost of each egg to the port is 5 taka 29 paisa. The tax for each egg is 1 taka 80 paisa. As a result, after crossing the port, the price of eggs is 7 taka 09 paisa each. BDS Corporation said that there has been a lot of profit in this shipment.

Bangladesh Poultry Association president Suman Howladar, who sells eggs in the open market by truck, said that the price of eggs in the wholesale market on Monday came to Tk 10 each. However, the buyers said that the prices have not decreased in the retail market and neighborhood shops. Hali eggs were seen selling at Tk 50 to Tk 52 in many places. Hali eggs were seen selling at 48 to 50 taka in the retail market. Those concerned say that it may decrease further within two days.

Meanwhile, the government has relied on imports to control the market price of potatoes. On October 30, the Ministry of Agriculture started issuing approvals. A total of 1 lakh 62 thousand tons of potatoes have been approved for import. 2 thousand 700 tons have arrived in the country till Monday (November 6). Before import, it is seen to be sold at 60 taka, somewhere 70 taka per kg. Which has now come down to the retail level and is being sold at the rate of Tk 50 per kg. However, it has been seen that it is being sold at the price of 55 taka per kg.

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