Mounted Police Horse died due to betting noise during the india south africa match at eden

Mounted Police Horse died due to betting noise during the india south africa match at eden
Mounted Police Horse died due to betting noise during the india south africa match at eden
This time: Lalbazar has started an investigation into the death of a Calcutta Mounted Police horse and injuries to three others due to betting noise during the India-South Africa match at Eden. Animal lovers have already spoken about the matter. At the end of Sunday’s match, fireworks were set off inside and outside the Eden as well as buzzers. The question arises, did CAB take prior permission from the concerned authority before cracking such bets?

As per rules, in this case they are supposed to take necessary permission from the police. However, Lalbazar informed on Monday that the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) was given permission to place bets inside and outside Eden.

But when that bet will be broken, the Mounted Police personnel in charge of ‘mob’ control was not known. As a result of which no preparation could be made, the horse named Voice of the Reason died suddenly. According to the sources, betting started in front of Palashi Gate (Battala) of Eden after the match ended on Sunday. 6 mounted police horses were doing duty near him.

Suddenly 4 horses started running disorientated by the sound of the bet. They had no ride. A horse running on that road broke the rear window of a car. Then the rush started among the spectators heading for home. Two spectators who came to watch the match and two police personnel were injured while handling the situation.

Finally, after about 20 minutes with the help of the traffic police, the mounted police personnel stopped the four stray horses in front of gates 14 and 16 of Eden. They were then taken directly to the stables. A horse named Voice of Reason died there half an hour later.

Naturally, after this incident, questions started to arise in various quarters. Animal lovers say, ‘It’s not that Mounted Police personnel don’t know that horses can’t stand the sound of a bet. So why were they not taken away?’ The policemen who were responsible for the security of the horses claimed that they knew that the bet would be broken, but were not told when it would happen. Because of that the riderless horses could not be moved.

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Although Lalbazar blames the negligence of Mounted Police for this incident. According to the police officials, ‘The betting was done according to the time after the match when the permission was taken. As a result, the staff in charge of the horses should have been more alert.’ The police have not registered any complaint against anyone in this incident so far.

An official of Lalbazar said on Monday night, ‘What caused the death of the horse, who is responsible behind the whole incident, is being investigated. Further action will be taken after receiving that report.’ Even, Lalbazar has decided to talk to the police personnel and CAB representatives who were present at the time of the incident to find out whether the death and injury of the horse was just due to the breaking of the bet or if there was any other reason behind it.

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According to sources, the initial report submitted to the police officials mentioned a heart attack as the cause of death of the horse. The police authorities are waiting for the full report to be sure about this. Is it possible for a horse to have a heart attack at the sound of a bet? Veterinarian Amlendu Chakraborty said, ‘Horses’ ability to hear is many times higher than that of humans. Again hearing loud sounds creates a fear in them. Looking for a place to hide because of fear. Blood circulation increases. Because of which a heart attack is not impossible.’

The four injured in Sunday’s incident are Niranjan Prasad Singh, Animesh Chakraborty, Gaurang Rakshit and Sanchita Rakshit. Among them, Gauranga and Sanchita, residents of Bankura, came to watch the game. After first treatment they were discharged. On the other hand, the condition of Calcutta police personnel Niranjanprasad Singh and Animesh Chakraborty is currently stable, according to hospital sources.

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