Wife 17 times cut and crushed by car, Indian gets life

Wife 17 times cut and crushed by car, Indian gets life
Wife 17 times cut and crushed by car, Indian gets life

Their married life was not sweet at all. Husband used to regularly beat and mentally abuse. In the end, the end of that marriage was terrible. The husband went to his wife’s workplace and stabbed her 17 times with a knife. Then drove over the mutilated body again and again until the last trace of life was removed from the body. A Florida court in the United States sentenced the Indian husband to life imprisonment after hearing the murder three years ago.

The name of the accused is Philip Mathew. His wife Marin Joy worked as a nurse in a local hospital. In 2020, Mathew entered his wife’s workplace and killed her. Eyewitnesses said that Mathew came and blocked the way of Marine with a car. Then stabbed him at least 17 times with a knife. After that, he again got into the car and repeatedly drove over his wife’s bloody body and crushed her.

Marine’s colleagues reported that Matthew was driving over Marine’s body like a ‘speed breaker’. The 26-year-old Marine died on the spot. Before she died, the young woman could only say one thing, ‘I have a child.’

Accused Mathew was found guilty after the case continued for three years. Marin reportedly wanted out of a terrible marriage. So Mathew killed him to punish him. A Florida court sentenced Mathew to life in prison. Although he was supposed to be executed. However, the accused said that he will not challenge the verdict. So finally he was sentenced to life imprisonment reduced from death penalty.

Meanwhile, Marin’s family was practically devastated after hearing the news of her daughter’s death. But in the end, they got some peace knowing that his killer was punished.


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