Israel broke Gaza! America has become helpless, where will people flee?

Israel broke Gaza! America has become helpless, where will people flee?
Israel broke Gaza! America has become helpless, where will people flee?

.. First Calcutta.

Israel split Gaza into two. The map of the Middle East will change completely, why did Blinkon cross Iraq without telling anyone in the war? The panic increased, where will the citizens of Gaza go? Israel is out of American control. A little bit of Bukhand and people are dying there indiscriminately but war experts predict that the result of what Israel is trying to do in Gaza could be more serious. Israel’s military spokesman Daniel Hagari has clarified their next planning without leaving any secret. Tel Aviv will divide Gaza into two parts
But why did America send the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkon to Iraq if he could not deal with Israel? Blinkon’s visit will cause a stir because he arrived in Iraq without any sort of announcement or preplan. And there he had to face extreme disaster.

First, know Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan for Gaza. Israeli army has surrounded Gaza City from all sides, said army spokesman Daniel Hagari. This time they plan to break Gaza into two parts. Now Gaza is divided into two parts North Gaza and South Gaza. The Israeli army has claimed that they have divided it into north and south for strategic reasons. But the question is, where will the terrified people go? In response, war experts say Israel is not for the people there. To determine their strategy of attack and capture the whole of Gaza. Gaza has been divided into two parts and the people there are being asked to move to southern Gaza. Hagari says Israel is still keeping a ‘corridor’ open for residents to move from northern to southern Gaza. But what is the guarantee that Israel will not attack them? Tel Aviv says most of the attacks have targeted the northwest of Gaza. Refugee camps on the coast have been heavily attacked.

Meanwhile, after completing his visit to Israel, he went to the West Bank, Iraq and Cyprus on Sunday, where he met US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin. Also with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Blinkon had to go there practically in anger. Why is America silent about the death of nearly 10,000 people in Gaza? The big question is that although Washington has requested a cease-fire, what if Netanyahu listens to America? Meanwhile, it is known that Jordan has given medical equipment to Gaza through parachutes. Jordan’s King Abdullah said his country’s air force has sent emergency medical and medical aid to Jordanian hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

Those aids are not reaching by road at all
These aids are said to be dropped from aircraft. A post on social media said it was part of the Jordanian military’s responsibility to help those injured in Gaza. However, the Israeli military did not immediately comment on the matter. But it cannot be denied that Washington is continuing diplomatic efforts for a humanitarian pause in Gaza. Arab foreign ministers met with the US secretary of state in Amman on Sunday, where the Arab states proposed an emergency ceasefire instead of a humanitarian one, but will the proposal remain a proposal or will it become a reality! No one can bet on that yet.

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