Eventful November 7 today

Eventful November 7 today
Eventful November 7 today

Eventful November 7 today. On this day in 1975, Ziaur Rahman’s path to becoming the state power of Bangladesh was smoothed through many dramatic events including cues and cues. Like-minded parties including BNP have been observing November 7 as National Revolution and Solidarity Day. However, in the current situation, they have suspended the program.

Bangladesh, on the other hand, observes the Awami League Day as Freedom Fighters Killing Day and Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSAD) Sepoy-Janata Coup Day. Bangladesh Awami League and its affiliated organizations will hold various programs across the country today.

BNP and its organizations have always been holding various programs on the occasion of National Revolution and Solidarity Day. But this time the party has no program. BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that the program has been suspended. Those who killed democracy in 1975 and now those who have re-established Navya Bakshal, have once again locked the BNP offices to stifle the opposition in a new way.

Important leaders including the Secretary General have been imprisoned. The activists cannot stay at home. National leader Khaleda Zia is ill. He has been detained. Democracy-loving people and nationalist forces are living in a terrible environment. Due to this cruel and merciless environment, the program has been suspended.

Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JASD) will hold various programs on the occasion of the day. A discussion meeting has been organized by Jasd this afternoon in the auditorium of Colonel Taher. Senior Jasd leaders will be present in it.

On the occasion of National Revolution and Solidarity Day, a statement signed by Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP informed that on November 7, fearless patriotic soldiers and people flocked to the streets to protect the freedom of the nation, and Ziaur Rahman was released from captivity. The freedom and sovereignty of the country was secured under the leadership of President Ziaur Rahman in this revolution. Democracy moves forward on the path of development free from obstacles, from this day the journey of multi-party democracy begins.

The statement further said that the defeated factions of November 7, 1975 are once again illegally clinging to the power of the new Bakshali government. The country’s sovereignty is constantly being weakened due to the knee-jerk policy of the government. Attempts to take away the independent entity of domestic politics, economy and culture have not stopped. Democracy and people’s freedom of speech are exiled today. There is a severe crisis in the country. Therefore, nationalist forces must unite in the spirit of November 7.

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