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Distribution of nomination papers from today – Dainik Azadi

Distribution of nomination papers from today – Dainik Azadi
Distribution of nomination papers from today – Dainik Azadi

From country federations to district sports bodies. There is no election anywhere. Only the people of the government party completed the selection process by making a panel. Where competition is only between them. Like the rest of the country, Chittagong is no exception. There was no election in the Chittagong District Sports Association in the last two terms. As a result the councilors could not exercise their voting rights. However, only one post was elected last time. That is just a name. Because Sebar who elected was against the current. So everyone knew that he had no chance of getting elected. So in the end the result is what it is. Four years have passed since the last committee was elected. The election schedule has already been announced. Again, there is some enthusiasm around the election. Again fear is chasing. As always, voters and election aspirants should not be disappointed this time? However, Chittagong District Sports Association general secretary AJM Nashir Uddin who holds the election button has made it clear that he wants the election. Leadership should come through elections. He’s not the only one, Most councilors who will be elected or those who will not all want elections. But the saying does not say “a burnt cow is afraid even if it sees vermilion clouds”. So there is a fear of the unknown in everyone. There will be an election? Or because of some invisible force, the councilors of the district sports organization will be deprived of the election again.

Although the general secretary of the organization is repeatedly saying the same thing. He doesn’t want to drag anyone else. It’s embarrassing for him. Because he will leave whom he will pull. So he opened the field of election. Excitement on one side and fear of the unknown on the other. Meanwhile, the selection process of district sports association has started. Where the draft voter list was published last November 2. The time to object to this draft voter list was last November 4. Three councilors of Motherbari Muktakantha Club were not included in the voter list due to court ban. One of them, Didarul Alam Chowdhury, filed an objection with the Election Commission. But because of the court’s ban, that objection was rejected. He then reported the objection to the Divisional Commissioner. Besides, no objection was raised on the draft voter list. As a result, the final voter list was published yesterday. Where there are names of 252 councilors. That is, these 252 people have the right to vote and vote. Nomination papers will be sold from today as per the election schedule. 7, Nomination papers can be bought and submitted simultaneously on these three days of November 8 and 9. However, the submission time has been extended by one day. Nominations can be submitted from today till November 11. Then the selection of nominations, Further action will be taken with withdrawal. The much awaited Chittagong District Sports Association elections are scheduled to be held on November 25. Elections are to be held for a total of 26 posts. Where there are four vice presidents, A General Secretary, An Additional General Secretary, Two joint editors, A treasurer and 17 executive members. Out of these 17 people, four will be elected from reserved seats. If there are more than two candidates for two female posts, there will be an election. And if there are more than two candidates for two posts in the upazila, there will be an election there too. Otherwise there will be 13 executive members. There is excitement among the councilors of the Chittagong District Sports Association as an opportunity to vote comes after four years, stimulus, Interest is all in the works. Fear of the unknown, Fear and suspicion are also rampant. If disenfranchised again. So we have to wait and see where the election car of the district sports organization is going.

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