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BNP has suspended its program today on November 7

BNP has suspended its program today on November 7
BNP has suspended its program today on November 7

Today is November 7. BNP observes this day as the historic National Revolution and Solidarity Day. On the other hand, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (Jasad) observes this day every year as Sepahi-Janata Coup Day. As a result of this historical revolution of Sepahi-Janata, it is believed to have anointed the country and the nation with a new identity by changing the course of the country’s politics at that time.

On the occasion of the day, BNP organizes detailed programs every year, but this year all programs have been suspended. In a virtual press conference yesterday afternoon, the party’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed said, ‘The party program of ‘National Revolution and Solidarity Day’ has been suspended tomorrow (today) on November 7 in protest of the government’s repression. Because the democratic people of the country are living in a terrible environment. Therefore, the program of going to the shrine of martyred President Ziaur Rahman is suspended.

Looking back: Following the assassination of 15th August 1975 and the killing of four national leaders in Dhaka Central Jail on 3rd November, Bangladesh Army Deputy Chief Brigadier Khaled Musharraf imprisoned Major General Ziaur Rahman in Dhaka Cantonment through a coup with his followers. In a self-proclaimed promotion, Brigadier Khaled Musharraf held the badge of Major General and assumed the post of Army Chief. On November 6, Khaled Musharraf arrested the then President Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmad at Bangabhaban. He also announced the dissolution of the cabinet and dissolution of the national parliament. On the same day, he installed Chief Justice Abu Sa’dat Mohammad Sayem as the President of the country. In this way, four days passed through extreme anxiety, uncertainty and frightening situation. At one point, on November 6 late at night, the common sepoys of the army united and formed resistance. A large number of people took to the streets in spontaneous support of that coup. The army chief Ziaur Rahman was freed from the condition of imprisonment in the revolution of soldiers and people. Khaled Musharraf and some of his followers lost their lives trying to prevent a counter-coup. The next day, on November 7, soldiers and people of all ranks collectively descended on the streets of Dhaka, spreading across the country. An unprecedented example of solidarity was created in the country’s politics.

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