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Gold sale at new price from today

Gold sale at new price from today
Gold sale at new price from today

Today, Monday (November 6), gold will be sold in the country’s market at this new price. Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) said that the price has been increased due to the increase in the price of acid gold (seasoned gold) in the local market.

A press release signed by Enamul Haque Bhuya Liton, Chairman of Bajus Price Determination and Price Monitoring Standing Committee on Sunday (November 5), said that the price of acid gold has increased in the local market. Considering the overall situation, Bangladesh Jewelers Association has fixed the new price of gold. It will be implemented from Monday (November 6).

According to the new price, the best quality or 22 carat (11.664 grams) of gold will be priced at Tk 1 lakh four thousand 626. The price of solid gold per 21 carat is Tk 99 thousand 902, 18 carat price is Tk 85 thousand 614 and traditional method gold price is Tk 71 thousand 325.

The price of gold has been increased but the price of silver has been kept unchanged. According to the category, currently the price of 22 carat silver (heavy) is 1 thousand 714 taka, the price of 21 carat is 1 thousand 632 taka, the price of 18 carat is 1399 taka and the price of traditional silver is 1049 taka.

Bajus last set the price of gold on October 26 by increasing the price. Which is effective from October 27. Till today, at that price, good quality or 22 carat gold is sold for 1 lakh two thousand 876 taka. 21 carat gold is sold at 98 thousand 210 taka, 18 carat at 84 thousand 214 taka and traditional gold at 70 thousand 158 taka.


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