Closed gates for a week and a half, suffering patients

Closed gates for a week and a half, suffering patients
Closed gates for a week and a half, suffering patients

The gate of Chapainawabganj 250 bed hospital has been closed for a week and a half. The patients and their relatives who come to the hospital are suffering. Nazir Ahmed, resident doctor of the hospital, has ordered to close the main gate of the 250-bed hospital with 9 floors and modern new building due to unknown reasons. Not only this, the small side gate has also been kept locked for public movement.

On the ground visit to the hospital, it was seen that the gate and the garage for various vehicles including autorickshaws have been built around it. Even after talking to the hospital staff, no one could tell the reason for the gate closure. Even after knowing the hospital authorities are pushing the matter.

Talking to the locals, it is said that the gate has been kept closed to keep the vehicles entering the hospital under the control of the garage. Besides, the gate has been closed to facilitate the private ambulance circle to park around the gate. But some say RMO Nazir Ahmed has affinity with neighboring clinics. He has kept the gates of some medicine pharmacies and private clinics open.

However, it was seen on the ground that the patient and his relatives repeatedly tried to enter through that gate and returned unsuccessfully. At that time, I talked with some patients’ relatives. They alleged that the main gate of the 250-bed hospital could not be seen to be closed from a distance. As a result, urgent medicines and other essential items are being hindered and harassed, prompt service delivery to patients is hampered. Moreover, one has to enter this modern new building with 9 floors by going a long way through another distant gate. Moreover, due to the presence of vehicles like a garage all over the premises of the hospital, it is difficult to bring serious patients to the hospital.

Dr. RMO on the matter. Nazir Ahmed could not be found when he went to his chamber to talk to him. Later on talking on the phone about the closure of the gate, he became agitated and hung up saying that he was unable to talk on the phone.

Chapainawabganj 2’50 bed hospital supervisor Dr. Masud Parvez also expressed his inability and advised to talk to the resident doctor Nazir Ahmed. Later, Dr. Civil Surgeon. SM Mahmudur Rashid said that he did not know about closing the hospital gate. He will look into it. As he was not in charge of the hospital, he requested to talk to the hospital supervisor about the matter.

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