Shakib-Hathuru’s farewell is not the solution, said Ramiz Raja


Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match. There is not much pressure about this match. Both teams’ hopes of playing in the semi-finals are over. But for other reasons, the two groups stand at one point. Both teams have their eyes on qualifying for the 2025 Champions Trophy. The pressure is more on the Tigers. Because, out of the last 7 matches, they have lost 6 in a row. Shakib Al Hasan’s condition is so bad that ICC partner countries like Netherlands have crushed them in Kolkata. Who has come to this year’s ODI World Cup by playing the qualifying round. In cricket, however, there is no opportunity to underestimate any team.

But therefore, it is very difficult to accept defeat to the European opponents Dutch in the familiar conditions of Kolkata soil. Where Bangladesh finished third in the ICC ODI Super League and confirmed to play in the World Cup. Why the performance of the team! ICC’s International Commentary Room next to the press box at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Present there, Athar Ali Khan, Walker Winus, Ian Bishop. Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja who followed Bangladesh cricket was also there. I met him in the lobby. While walking together, he was asked how he would evaluate Bangladesh’s performance this time? King’s clear reply, ‘I am shocked. I did not think that the Bangladesh team would do so badly!’ The failure of the Bangladesh team in the current World Cup is blamed on the wrong strategy and batting order of captain Shakib Al Hasan and head coach Chandika Hathurusingha. It was not certain who would bat where in the Tigers’ batting order in every match. This is what sank Bangladesh? Ramiz Raja said, ‘What happened with the batting order was spectacular. Changing the batting order every day in this way has a big impact on the mentality of the batsmen. As such, it can certainly be a reason for failure.’ So is Shakib and the head coach responsible? On this question, Ramiz thought for a while and said, ‘Since they have all the control of the party in their hands, they have to take responsibility with open eyes.’ But there has been a lot of criticism. It is now very much an open secret what the mistakes of the Bangladesh team have been. What changes are needed to look ahead? Shakib removed from the leadership with the departure of Hathuru Singh? Ramiz Raja said, ‘To tell the truth, the solution will be to remove the captain and the coach, not that. BCB will have to find a solution. There will be a lot of discussion about what went wrong after the World Cup. And the biggest thing is that those who are given the responsibility should be able to work till the next World Cup. Let him be the captain and the head coach. Ramiz Raja has a contract with ICC and runs his own YouTube channel. That’s why he said with a smile, many more things can be said but I have a contract with ICC. But maybe one day I will talk about Bangladesh on my YouTube channel. There may be many. Or meet somewhere where there will be no barriers to talk, or else I will give a big interview about Bangladesh.

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