Asks ICC to change law: Shakib

Asks ICC to change law: Shakib
Asks ICC to change law: Shakib

What has never happened in 146 years of international cricket has happened in Delhi. Lankan batsman Angelo Mathews was timed out for facing the ball late coming to the crease. But what was Shakib’s mind about this out? Shakib was asked after the match. In reply, the Bangladesh captain said that two of the team came to him and talked about ‘timed out’. But who are those two? What is the name? ‘No, the name cannot be said at the moment.’

Although Shakib did not say it, Liton Kumar Das and Nazmul Hossain were standing beside Shakib during the incident in the twenty-fifth over of the innings. Maybe someone among them told Shakib about this out.

However, Shakib insisted that the out was not a mistake – ‘Of course Mathews was out. It’s unfortunate for him, but he’s out of the law.’ Reminiscing about Shakib’s 2006 U-19 World Cup with Mathews, he said, ‘I would have been more careful in this situation.’

While the Lankans were outraged by the dismissal, Shakib felt there was nothing unethical about it – ‘When you go into battle for the country, you can do anything to win. I also did it within the rules. If it is unethical then ask the ICC to change the rules.’

Shakib’s simple confession about timed out – ‘Mathews came to me and said he wanted me to change the decision. I told him I don’t want that.’

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