Price out of reach

Price out of reach
Price out of reach

The markets of Sadarpur in Faridpur are getting filled with early winter vegetables. However, the price of vegetables is still beyond the reach of marginalized and low-income families. Common buyers are suffering under severe pressure as they are unable to market the 1000 rupee note as per the demand. The prices of daily necessities such as fish, meat, rice and pulses are already skyrocketing, and it is not even possible for people to eat vegetables to make up for it. They feel that urgent steps need to be taken regarding daily commodities.

In upazila Sadarpur Bazar, Saesat Rashi, Kalikhola Krishnapur, Baburchar, Piyazhkhali and other markets, you can see eggplant 70, Patal 70, Radish 60, Bean 90, Barbati 70, Tomato 120, Carrot 120, Bitter gourd 100, Horseradish 70, Dhundal 50, Kakarol 80, Raw Papaya 40, Full Kopi 100, Cabbage 60, Kachurmukhi 70, Cucumber 55, Potato 50, Onion (Desi) 120, Onion (Imported) 90 Taka, Garlic (Desi) 240, Garlic (Indian) 140, Chilli 150 Selling per kg. Apart from this, radish greens are being sold at 20 rupees, 20 rupees per rupee, 25 rupees per rupee, 35 rupees per rupee, 40 rupees per raw banana, 80 to 100 rupees per medium size gourd, 40 to 50 rupees per slice of sweet pumpkin.

A vegetable seller named Rani said that winter vegetables have arrived in the market early this time. The price of vegetables is higher in the market. The reason is that winter vegetables are not fully in season yet. As a result, they are more expensive. He also said that the prices of vegetables remain high until winter comes.

A buyer named Yaron of Sadarpur market said that there is no condition to buy fish and meat. We are not in a position to eat rice and vegetables. Everything is double the price. No one understands the pain.

Other years at this time, if the price of rice, pulses, fish and meat was high, I would have been able to buy vegetables, but this year, because the price of vegetables has gone up, I have fallen into trouble, said Azad of Shyampur, a buyer of Saat Rashi market. Prices of essential goods are often increasing. There is no price control for any product. Traders are increasing the price whenever they want. We feel that urgent steps need to be taken regarding daily commodities.

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