‘Ashram’ famous actress Tridha is getting married! Who is the pot?


Entertainment Desk: Made his acting debut in 2013 with Srijit Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Mishar Rahasya’. Tridha Chowdhury has already worked in several language films and web series. Although he started in Tollywood, he has managed to spread outside Kolkata for several years.

Tridhar’s popularity increased after acting in ‘Ashram’ web series. The web series ‘Ashram’ directed by Prakash Jha was released during the pandemic. Most of the time Swachhand Tridha in revealing clothes caught the attention of the audience as Babita in this film. Tridha was also seen acting in intimate scenes with Bobby Deol. This time Tridha is going to sit on the marriage ladder. When will the wedding? Who is the groom?

In a recent interview, the actress said that she is in a relationship. With whom he is related, he is also one of the industry. But, the actress does not want to reveal her identity now. They are happily spending time with each other. But the actress is going to get married next year. Not in the temple, get married in the Gurdwara. He is also confused about whether he is from Calcutta or Mumbai. However, the actress is planning to get married in a Gurudwara as the bridegroom is Sikh.

After ‘Mishar Rahasya’, Tridha has worked in Bengali films like ‘Jadi Luv Dile Na Prane’, ‘Khad’, ‘Keesh Te Shru’, ‘Paper Boat’. Apart from Bengali films, he has also worked in Hindi serials and Dakshini films. He has risen to the level of success at his own pace. Bengali web series, Hindi music videos – he did not leave anything out. But the ‘Ashram’ web series turned Tridhar’s life around.

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