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The price of 1 gram of snake venom is 6 lakh taka, where and how is it cultivated?

The price of 1 gram of snake venom is 6 lakh taka, where and how is it cultivated?
The price of 1 gram of snake venom is 6 lakh taka, where and how is it cultivated?

Almost everyone is afraid of snakes. But the price of snake venom is sky high. Because, this poison is useful in making medicine. In this report I will tell you where snakes are farmed.

How is snake venom found?

At the time of Corona, China was accused of spreading the virus due to the habit of eating bats. Although its authenticity has not been proven. However, giving in to the pressure of various countries in the world, China imposed a ban on the sale of foreign animals. But the interesting thing is that snake farming is rampant in China. Just as chickens or goats are farmed in villages, snakes are reared in several villages in China.

This village is called Snake Village. Almost every family in Jisiqiao Village in Zhejiang Province cultivates snakes. Snake farming started in this village about 7 decades ago. 3 to 5 million snakes are born in this village every year. When they are adults, the snakes are sold abroad.

It is probably known to many that not only the skin of the snake, but also its oil and venom are used medicinally. Just as in Ayurveda medicine was made from herbs, in China medicine was made from the skin or venom of snakes or many animals.

What is the demand of a snake?

Krait, pit viper, rat snake, rattle snake are the most sought after snakes. Cobras have been in this category for decades. Together they are called Bi-Hua-Shi. A mixture is made from the venom of these snakes. Further allegations against China are that snake meat is also sold in addition to making medicine.

However, no information is available on how many snakes are used in Chinese medicine each year and how many are sold abroad. Different websites are saying different things about this. But according to experts, China has killed more than 5 million snakes just to make medicine.

When does one get a permit? The Chinese government allows snake farming. Now I will tell you how snakes are farmed, how those snakes are taken care of, what kind of environment they are kept etc. According to experts, 20 to 25 degree temperature is required for snake cultivation. Which country buys the most snakes?

Although many countries buy animals from China, the United States is at the forefront of buying snakes. It is followed by Germany, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The cost of snake venom depends on the type of snake. Usually one gram of snake venom costs 450 to 750 dollars. This price also depends on which country it is being sold in.

How is it cultivated?

So the first thing to do is to create a suitable habitat for the snake. Snakes are cultivated away from populated areas between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Then the snake catchers brought different species of snakes and released them there. They also have to collect animals like frogs, mice, birds, toads and lizards for food. Snake eggs are kept in glass or wooden boxes. Then as the snakes grow, they are kept in separate boxes according to that size. Snakes are poisoned only when they are adults. That is why snakes are kept in laboratories.

How dangerous are snakes?

Those who are in charge of snake farming have life doubts. So snake farmers should always carry anti-venom with them. Anti-venom for each type of snake is different. Also check if the anti-venom has expired. That is why accidents often happen in Chinese snake farms. That’s why farmers wear long boots and gloves.

Where are poisonous snakes used?

First the venom is extracted and stored in the lab and then other parts of the body are used. A variety of snakes are farmed for meat. Snake skin and other parts were also used for cosmetics and clothes. Despite the ban, it continues. Many countries have also started snake tourism, where tourists come to see venomous snakes up close.

The article is in Bengali

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