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Officer dies in Eden after ‘huge’ bet

Officer dies in Eden after ‘huge’ bet
Officer dies in Eden after ‘huge’ bet

Devarti Ghosh: There was a lot of frenzy around the India-South Africa match at Eden on Sunday. India beat South Africa by huge runs. Not only the match, but the end of the game begins with fireworks. Thousands of spectators were enjoying the display of fireworks. But at that word of the bet the fatal result was a horse of the Mounted Police.

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Mounded police were deployed yesterday to deal with the huge crowd in Eden. Usually when a body breaks in Eden, it breaks through the roof or fencing. But yesterday suddenly shells started bursting in the parking area. As a result, the mounted police horses panicked. According to sources, 3-4 horses were injured in betting. The horses started running in panic. 4 people including 2 horse riders were injured. Later died a horse named ‘Voice of Reasons’. It is speculated that the horse may have died of a heart attack due to the sound of the bet. The horse was gifted to Calcutta Mounded Police from the race course a few months ago. That horse of Mounted Police was an officer in rank. Such is the news of sources.

Yesterday Eden was packed to the brim. Virat Kohli scored a century in that important match against South Africa. The South African batsmen could not keep up with the bowling power of the Indian bowlers. Mohammed Siraj, Mohammad Sami, Jadejad, the South African camp was destroyed. Also, a controversy has arisen around the Eden match. That is the black market of tickets. The president of CAB was also summoned to Lalbazar due to complaints brought to Maidan police station. The investigation is going on. After that this incident.

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