Traffic-Tezgaon Division awareness meeting on fire-terrorism and vandalism prevention


DMP News: A public awareness meeting was held to prevent fire-terrorism and vandalism under the initiative of Traffic-Tezgaon Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP).

This meeting was held with Basmalik and related stakeholders under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner of Police Mostak Ahmed at the office of Traffic-Tezgaon Division today Monday. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Tejgaon (Traffic) Division Md Jahangir Alam, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Tejgaon (Crime) Division (Tezgaon Zone) Rubaiyat Zaman PPM, Assistant Commissioner of Police Tejgaon (Traffic) Division, TI and bus owners were present in the meeting.

Transport owners express their views on prevention of arson and vandalism. After that, the Deputy Police Commissioner of Traffic-Tezgaon Division gave various suggestions to all concerned including the transport owners to carry out their duties in a coordinated initiative to prevent fire-terrorism, vandalism and chaos and called upon everyone to cooperate for its implementation.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic-Tezgaon Division has given advice and direction to strictly implement the following to maintain normal traffic flow and prevent vandalism:

1. Bus drivers and helpers are advised to video and take pictures at each stop. If necessary, he suggested to consider whether CCTV can be installed in the buses.

2. Making the car helpers and assistants aware of everyone by recording pictures and videos of the passengers in the bus through mobile cameras. “Don’t eat from strangers, be aware of your neighbors” – this is a well-known effective traditional way of avoiding untoward incidents on the streets. By adopting this method, the helpers will ensure a strong position against potential miscreants by giving awareness talks to the passengers, keeping evidence of the saboteurs.

3. It is clear from the events of the last few days that unmanned vehicles are the target of miscreants at night and early morning. He warned everyone in this regard and instructed to maintain round-the-clock vigil along with own security system at night.

4. Advise transport owners to ensure that all vehicles are equipped with fire extinguishers and train drivers and helpers where necessary.

5. Apart from warning that no vehicle should stand on empty roads hoping for two passengers, the police advised passengers to pick up and drop off at the duty station.

6. He warned that no one should intentionally sit in the back while leaving the front and middle seats empty and advised to report to the police immediately if anything suspicious.

7. Advises not to pick up passengers except at specific stops.

8. Called for immediate police assistance in case of emergency.

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