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Bangladesh is the 35th economy in the world today: Shamim Osman

Bangladesh is the 35th economy in the world today: Shamim Osman
Bangladesh is the 35th economy in the world today: Shamim Osman

Member of Parliament for Narayanganj-4 Constituency AKM Shamim Osman said, Bangladesh is the 35th economy in the world today. Our GDP is higher than China’s. That’s why many big powers have noticed Bangladesh. They want to make Bangladesh Palestine, Gaza.

This was said by Shamim Osman in the speech of the chief guest at the freshman recruitment ceremony at Sanarpar Roshan Ara College in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj on Monday (November 6).

He said, the shadow of the vulture has fallen on the map.

It will stop after a few days. We are old. We can’t. I am not saying clearly, you will be tensed. Next one month is very Crusal (important). Whether your future will be Afghanistan or Gaza, will be decided in this month.

Shamim Osman said, why should I tell you what to do in this free country? The choice is yours. If I am not an MP, I will be able to give time to my sons and daughters. I do politics for a beautiful Bangladesh. I am saying this in the present context.

He also said that a few days ago a policeman was killed in a BNP rally in Dhaka. The police do not make any party. They were doing their duty. Beat him to death. Then a central leader of Chhatra Dal hit him with chapati. The Chief Justice’s house was attacked. Awami League women’s march was attacked.

Shamim Osman said, they are setting fire to the moving bus. What is the name of politics? Those who beat the police with chapatis before coming to power, think about what they will do when they come to power. The problem is not mine, it’s yours. If you choose well, you will get good, if you choose badly, you will get bad.

The member of parliament also said that there are no roads, schools or colleges in Narayanganj where I have not worked. DND work done. A whole year ago it was under water. It will be completed in June. It will be a wonderful job. Our plan was to board a boat in Pagla and get off at Shitalakshya. Link Road is under construction. It will be the most beautiful road in Bangladesh. Nagina Joha Road will be named after my mother along with it. Another road will be from Panchbati to Munshiganj.

He said, your future is not the garments sector or the IT sector. We have entered into artificial intelligence. Your fight will be with merit. Sheikh Kamal IT Institute will be next to this Naam Park. There will be a polytechnic institute in Narayanganj. On the last day of the National Assembly, Bangabandhu University of Technology was passed along Link Road. There will be a 500 bed medical college here. You are the one who will work here. Here we want to make education and medical hub. Boys and girls from all over Bangladesh will come to study here. This is my dream.

Shamim Osman said, I can do all the work. I can’t do a job. You will enjoy the school and college that we will do. But drugs are ruining this society. You must come forward. There is no need to join any party to love the country. love the country Do something for the country.


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