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The US is arming Taiwan


This US aid program is called Foreign Military Finance (FMF) or financing for foreign military forces. Under this project, Washington sent $4 billion in military aid to Ukraine to fight against Russia. Such assistance has also gone to various countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Egypt.

The United States officially recognized China in 1979. At the same time, they withdrew Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition. The move was made under an agreement called the Taiwan Relations Act. According to that agreement, the US started selling arms to Taiwan. The condition was that the United States would sell enough arms to Taiwan to protect itself from possible Chinese attacks. But the Washington-Beijing relationship is destabilized—so much arms cannot be sold.

Meanwhile, the military balance around the Taiwan Strait has shifted dramatically in China’s favor over the past few decades. So the previous US strategy in the region is not working. Washington insists, however, that its policy on Taiwan has not changed. But the truth is, the policy has changed. The US State Department was quick to point out that the $80 million donation did not mean Taiwan would be recognized.

Inside Taiwan, it is believed that Washington is reorganizing relations with Taipei. Taiwan’s ruling party lawyer Wang Ting-yu said, ‘The US is emphasizing the need to increase our military capabilities. The US administration clearly explained to China that Taipei and Washington are side by side through the donation.

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