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Prices of eggs and potatoes have started to decrease due to import news

Prices of eggs and potatoes have started to decrease due to import news
Prices of eggs and potatoes have started to decrease due to import news

The price of eggs and potatoes has dropped another step due to the news of import from India. In the wholesale market, the price of potato has decreased by Tk 15 per kg and the price of eggs has decreased by Tk 3 per kg in a span of three days. If the supply increases, the price may decrease further, say those concerned.

The first consignment of eggs entered the country through Jessore’s Benapole port a month and a half after permission was granted. The price of each egg including duty is 7 taka 23 paisa. At the retail level, the price can be a maximum of 10 rupees. However, wholesalers in the capital say that the imported 61,950 eggs are insignificant compared to the demand. Although the price of eggs has already started to decrease.

A wholesale egg trader said, the price of eggs in the market starts to decrease before the import, if the price of vegetables and fish in the market decreases, the price of eggs will decrease further. Another trader said, because of the blockade, the sale of everything in the market is less, that effect has also reached the egg market. Sales are going down because there are less people.

The price of potato has also decreased in the wholesale market. The price of potato has fallen from 30 to 35 rupees due to the news of import. The supply of potatoes will also increase from cold storage.

Those involved in potato cultivation say that this import before the season is suicidal. They are also commenting that the owners of the cold storage facilities should have imported earlier without giving them the opportunity to make excessive profits.

Traders in the wholesale market say that the price of potatoes in the market has decreased by Tk 10 to Tk 15 per kg after the news of import. However, many fear that the negative impact of these low prices may have to be borne by the farmers.

It should be noted that potatoes coming from India are entering through various ports of the country. The cost of potato per kg is 26 rupees. It is being sold in the wholesale market at 30 rupees.

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