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Dhanteras not gold and silver, bring home these 5 things! Fortune will change

Dhanteras not gold and silver, bring home these 5 things! Fortune will change
Dhanteras not gold and silver, bring home these 5 things! Fortune will change

Dhanteras and Diwali occasions have special shopping importance in our country. Many people wait for this day. During the auspicious time of Dhanteras usually many people buy some things at home. Some buy gold, silver or various metal utensils, some buy vehicles, clothes. Some invest in land etc. At this time, many people worship Lakshmi and Dhankuber with fanfare in many houses.

However, this time is considered auspicious to bring home some special items i.e. shopping at Dhanteras. Let’s see what can be bought—

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1. Clay and metal figurines

Clay idols are symbols of the five elements, so worshiping clay idols brings wealth, prosperity and happiness to the house. Apart from clay idols, idols made of eight metals and gold and silver can also be brought into the house.

2. the broom

Many people believe that brooms should be brought into the house on Dhanteras. Because it is a symbol of cleanliness. Wherever there is cleanliness, that is the place of Goddess Lakshmi, so buying a broom on Dhanteras is considered auspicious.

3. Brass metal vessel

Brass vessels should be bought on the day of Dhanteras, it is considered very auspicious. Brass is the favorite metal of Lord Lakshmi. Also the use of brass is beneficial in many ways.

4. whole coriander

To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Dhankuber throughout the year, one should buy dhana and offer them both on Dhanteras. In this our home will never lack money and Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings will always shower upon us.

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5. link

Since ancient times, business was conducted considering karahi as money, i.e. karahi was considered a symbol of wealth. So on Dhanteras, we must offer Kadhi to Goddess Lakshmi, it will bring benefits.

According to the ancient belief, bringing these things into the house, brings Goddess Lakshmi to the house and brings happiness and peace to the house. If you worship Lord Kubera on this day, he will also shower his blessings.

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