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Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital does not have a place to hold moles

Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital does not have a place to hold moles
Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital does not have a place to hold moles
More than two thousand patients are treated daily in the outpatient department

Rashedul Islam, Cox’s Bazar Published: November 6, 2023, 08:36 pm

The quality of medical services at Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital has improved more than before. Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital ranks 2nd in medical services across the country. The number of new patients is increasing day by day due to the improvement in the quality of medical services in the hospital. Although this hospital has 250 beds on government paper, medical services are being provided by the staff of 100-bed hospital.

There are currently 785 patients admitted in the hospital. Doctors have to get very fast to provide medical services without increasing the manpower. Out of this, 10 posts are vacant against 55 doctor posts. There is no special modern medical equipment. There is a shortage of third and fourth class employees.

Still, there is no shortage of efforts by the doctors in providing services. Apart from this, more than 2000 patients receive treatment every day, standing in line for a long time outside the hospital.

On Monday (November 6), Sarzamin saw a huge crowd of patients in front of the pathology department at the main entrance of Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital. Patients and relatives of patients are thronging the radiology and imaging department for ultrasonography and test reports 5th floor patient beds across entire balcony in front of surgery ward. Not only this picture in this balcony, but in the balcony of every ward of the hospital, including the gynecology ward, the patients are receiving treatment by laying mats and making beds on the floor next to the bathroom. As if there is no room for moles in the hospital.

Sources of Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital said that against 55 doctor posts in 18 wards under 10 departments, 10 posts are vacant. The hospital also has other manpower shortages. Doctors also have to struggle with short manpower. In addition to increasing the manpower to maintain the quality of healthcare in the hospital, it is fast
The doctors feel that the building needs to be expanded including increasing the number of beds.

Recently, the application sent from the Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters Hospital to the Directorate of Health shows that the 250-bed Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters Hospital is filling vacancies and posting medical officers in attachment. The 250 bed District Sadar Hospital located in the heart of the city is currently being used as a temporary campus of Cox’s Bazar Medical College Hospital, Cox’s Bazar. In this hospital average 800 to 850 patients are admitted in the inpatient department, 2500 to 3000 patients in the outpatient department and 300 to 400 patients in the emergency department every day. Also 40-45 patients referred from refugee camps visit this hospital daily for advanced treatment.

It is also written in the application that it has become very difficult to provide treatment to such a large number of patients with the existing manpower working in the hospital. Moreover, emergency services have been introduced in these hospitals, making it very difficult to carry out proper medical care.

Administrative RMO of Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital Dr. GRM Jihadul Islam and RMO of emergency department Ashikur Rahman said that this hospital often has three patients admitted to its capacity. Doctors suffer due to patient pressure. Still we never neglect any patient. If a patient actually needs admission, I am treating him by admitting him to the hospital.

Supervisor of Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital Dr. Mong Ting Yeo said, we have to treat 250 patients with 100 beds of doctors. Despite the shortage of doctors, the doctors who are there are working tirelessly to provide medical services. Apart from manpower crisis, we also have shortage of modern machinery. We need more expansive buildings.

He said, I took responsibility not long ago I am trying to serve people so that the hospital does not get bad name I am going to each ward of the hospital every day to inquire and inspect the patients who come for treatment


The article is in Bengali

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