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Opium-free Afghanistan, farmers’ income is $126 million less

Opium-free Afghanistan, farmers’ income is $126 million less
Opium-free Afghanistan, farmers’ income is $126 million less

In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, opium production fell by 95 percent in one year. Recently, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported the information.

Taliban banned opium cultivation in April 2022. Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of opium. From there heroin went to Europe and Asia.

According to the report of UNODC, opium was cultivated in 233 thousand hectares last year. This time it is 10 thousand 800 hectares. Besides, opium production last year was 6 thousand 200 tons, this time it has decreased to 333 tons.

As a result, 24 to 38 tons of heroin can be exported from the cultivation done this year. 350 to 580 tonnes were exported in 2022. Last year, farmers earned $136 million from opium cultivation. This year it has decreased to 11 million dollars.

The report said that those who used to grow opium should be kept in check so that they do not engage in arms smuggling or other illegal activities.

Ghada Wali, Executive Director of UNODC, said that humanitarian relief is very important for the people of Afghanistan. Rice and cotton require a lot of water. Afghanistan has experienced three consecutive years of drought. So investment is needed there to save people. Only then can Afghans be diverted from opium cultivation.

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