Students of Daffodil University want speedy trial of Hasibul’s murder


A human chain program was held to protest the brutal attack on ordinary students and to demand a speedy and fair investigation into the murder of Hasibul Islam, a brilliant student of Daffodil International University.

Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh Central Organizing Secretary Muhammad Sirajul Islam was present as the chief guest at National Press Club on Monday (November 6) at 3 pm under the chairmanship of Islami Chhatra Andolan Bangladesh-Private University Secretary Faizul Islam.

The chief guest said that the attack on the students of the private university and the killing of the student Hasibul proved that there has been a rampage of extrajudicial killings in the country. On the other hand, law and order has deteriorated drastically. Attacking students inside the university campus is a heinous incident. Because there is no trial for the killing of students, today anyone can dare to kill students with impunity. The terrorists have become reckless because the killers of Rezaul Karim, who was killed in the last Awami League peace rally, were not arrested and prosecuted.

He also said that the sooner the current Awami government, which is on the edge of the abyss, leaves power, the sooner peace, order and people’s government will be established in the country. The people of the country will be freed from the meritocracy regime.

Faizul Islam, president of Manabbandhan and secretary of Islami Chhatra Andolan Central Private University of Bangladesh, said that such barbaric attack and killing of private university students will not be accepted by the conscious student society of the country. Those involved in Hasibul Islam’s murder must be thoroughly investigated and exemplary punishment should be ensured.

Central Information and Research Secretary Al Amin Siddiqui, Central Publicity Secretary Sheikh Muhammad Mahabubur Rahman, Central Publication Secretary Imran Hossain Noor, Central Finance and Welfare Secretary Gazi Ali Haider, Central Qaumi Madrasa Secretary Hossain Ahmed, Central Executive Member Khairul Ahsan also spoke. Amin Mohammad, a student of Marjan Dhaka International University, Mahamudul Hasan, a student of Northern University Bangladesh, Khalid Hasan and Zainal Abedin of Bangladesh University and Business and Technology, students of Ahsanullah Science and Technology University. Ariful Islam and many others.

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