Pricing for prints and photocopies on eBay

Pricing for prints and photocopies on eBay
Pricing for prints and photocopies on eBay

The Proctoral Body has fixed the cost of photocopying and printing for the benefit of students in Islamic University (EB). In this, the price of photocopy has been reduced by 50 paise to 2 rupees.

On Monday (November 6) at 2.30pm the price was fixed by talking to the photocopiers in the proctor’s office.

It is known that 5 taka per page for printing, 10 taka per page printed by scanning and 25 taka per page printed by composing on computer have been fixed.

Proctor Professor Dr. was present at the time. Shahadat Hossain Azad, assistant proctor Dr. Amjad Hossain, Dr. Ariful Islam and Tanya Afroz.

Besides, Consumer Youth Bangladesh (CYB) EB Branch President Golam Rabbani, General Secretary Rakib Rifat, Organizing Secretary Moshiur Rahman, Office Secretary Takki Wasif, Publicity Secretary Niamatullah Munim were present.

In this regard, CYB EB branch president Golam Rabbani said, ‘Suddenly, the photocopy shops of the university set an additional price of Tk 2.50 per photocopy page.

Later, based on the complaints of the students, CYB decided to reduce the fee from 50 paisa to 2 taka after sitting with the proctoral body and photocopy shopkeepers. CYB will always be there to ensure the rights of students.

Also very soon our monitoring for pricing and safe food in campus hotels will continue as usual.’

Note, email charges are not applicable with photocopy/print only.

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The article is in Bengali

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