Running under the sea water human! Sponge-like system in Indian Navy? Who is this special lady?

Running under the sea water human! Sponge-like system in Indian Navy? Who is this special lady?
Running under the sea water human! Sponge-like system in Indian Navy? Who is this special lady?

.. First Calcutta.

Two “water human” running under the sea water? What is in their body? Do you know? Touching two female officers is not easy. Sponge-like system? New surprise in Indian Navy. Not men, this time the “special lady” will put on the sea mission around the world. These water human beings will storm the ocean. Indian Navy for adventurous sea missions, who fit? They are different from the other five. They will embark on a single non-stop mission at sea around the world. 2 women officers working in Indian Navy participated in this adventure. Will spend 24 hours in the sea? The two watermen are being trained to operate the boat vigorously. But not just sailing. From weather observation to navigation knowledge is also very important. And these two are being taught the A to Z of their safety. The two Navy officers will conduct a single operation in the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.

Admiral R. Harikumar, Chief of the Navy informed about this adventure of women officers. According to him, even in the age of modern technology, one has to face dangers in single sea expeditions. The Navy chief thinks it is a new challenge for women. And exactly to face that challenge, these two female naval officers are being lowered into the ocean. As a new challenge, a female naval officer will have to conduct solo and non-stop sea operations around the world. Four is not enough. Getting a chance was not easy either. Initially 17 people were trained for this. Only 2 of them are selected for this campaign. For that, they have to make themselves worthy of this mission. We had to prove ourselves. But who are these two female naval officers? What is their true identity?

According to Navy sources, one of the two selected for this mission is a resident of Kozhikode.
who did not name Another is a resident of Puducherry. Lt. Commander Roopa Alagirisamy. The duo will shake the sea in the fourth version of the Navy’s solo campaign. Commander Dilna, a naval logistics officer. And Rupa is a naval inspector. Currently they have started preparing for the transition phase. Abhilash Tommy, a retired commander of the Indian Navy, is training the selectees. Training is going on day and night. Trainer Abhilash Tomi said that all kinds of skills are essential for this single mission. According to her, selected women officers should be like sponges. The way he is training, those things should be absorbed like a sponge. Along with that, the retired naval commander wished them success as a trainer.

Let it be known that the plan of solo sea expedition with women naval officers first came to the mind of late Vice Admiral MP Awati. Earlier, eight sailors had sailed around the world together, including retired commander and instructor Tommy. In 2022, he made a solo expedition at sea. Earlier only men took part in this adventure. This is the first time that women have participated in this mission. It is considered to be the empowerment of women in India. India is showing that women can walk shoulder to shoulder with men. But when will this mission begin? It is known that these two naval officers selected next year will start their mission. And success will come at hand.

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