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Find out what you should buy on Dhanteras according to gold or silver.

Find out what you should buy on Dhanteras according to gold or silver.
Find out what you should buy on Dhanteras according to gold or silver.

News18 Bengali | November 06, 2023, 16:26 IST

If people of this zodiac sign buy silver on Dhanteras, then their luck can be bright.

Dhanteras day is considered very auspicious for buying anything. Be it house or vehicle, jewelry or utensils. It is believed that if a person buys anything on this day, Devi Lakshmi will bless them throughout the year.

Dhankubar and Mata Lakshmi are worshiped during Pradosha of Dhanteras. Dhanteras is celebrated on the third day of Kartika month every year.

Dhanteras will be celebrated on Friday, November 10 this year. According to astrologer of Deoghar, if people of three signs buy silver in this Dhanteras, then their fortunes can be bright.

Deoghar astrologer Pandit Nandkishore Mudgal said that Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 10 this year. A lot of things are sold in the market on this day. Jewelery is the most sold item on this day. If people of three zodiac signs buy silver on Dhanteras day, then these three zodiac signs will be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi throughout the year. Because buying silver on Friday is considered most auspicious.

Venus is in a strong position in the three signs Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Venus is considered to be the ruler of wealth, wealth and prosperity. Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 10 this year and if Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio sign buy silver on Friday due to Dhanteras, Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings will be on the natives of this sign throughout the year.

There will be financial gain in business. Economic condition will be strong. Income will be more than expenditure. There is also a possibility of promotion of employees. Career and business will progress.

This year, Goddess Lakshmi will also be worshiped on the day of Dhanteras as well as Lord Shiva. Along with this day, Pradosh fasting will also be observed. People of this zodiac sign are going to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi as well as Shiva on the day of Dhanteras.

While worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped during Pradosh. Therefore, on Dhanteras, the auspicious time for worshiping Lakshmi will be from 5:29 PM to 8:7 PM.

Published by:Dolon Chattopadhyay

First published:November 06, 2023, 16:26 IST

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