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Tomorrow is the freedom fighter killing day

Tomorrow is the freedom fighter killing day
Tomorrow is the freedom fighter killing day

Tomorrow is the freedom fighter killing day

Dhaka, November 6, 2023 (BSS): Tomorrow is November 7. The pro-liberation forces observe this day as Freedom Fighter Killing Day. On this day in 1975, three famous freedom fighters were first killed in the name of sepoy revolution. Some political organizations also observe this day as Sepoy Janata Uprising Day. Prominent people think that the killing process of freedom fighter army members started from this day in the name of sepoy revolution.
On this day in 1975, three famous freedom fighters were first killed in the name of sepoy revolution. They are Khaled Musharraf Bir Uttam, KN Huda Bir Uttam and ATM Hyder Bir Bikram. Two company commanders, Asad and Jalil, shot them dead at close range in the morning while they were stationed at the headquarters of the 10th Bengal Regiment. In addition, journalist Anthony Mascarenhas wrote in the description of the day, ‘The unruly soldiers killed 13 army officers, including a female doctor. Even the wife of an army officer was killed at this time’. Writer and researcher Ghulam Murshid wrote in his book “Liberation War and Then”, Shafayat Jamil stayed at Bangabhaban despite the news of the mutiny. But when the riotous rebel soldiers approached the Bangabhavan shouting slogans, he and his companions climbed over the wall and fled. This broke his leg and was later captured. He was placed in a military hospital. He survived.
Before this, a group of Bangabandhu’s killer Farooq’s lancers went to free Ziaur Rahman under house arrest in the early hours of November 6. Lancer Mohiuddin, who had a strong role in killing Bangabandhu, was the leader of this group. They freed Zia and brought him to the office of Colonel Rashid’s No. 2 Artillery Regiment. Golam Murshid also said, ‘After being released, Ziaur Rahman went to address the radio without talking to the newly appointed President Justice Abu Sadat Sayem. In a brief announcement on March 27, 1971, he said that he had assumed the duties of Chief Martial Law Administrator at the request of the Army. On March 27, 1971, he first declared himself as the President. Later corrected. This time too he declared himself as the chief martial law administrator. Later became Deputy Chief Martial Law Administrator.’ Later on, Ziaur Rahman established himself as the president through the referendum, presidential election, local council election and parliamentary election, but there were more than 20 coups during his tenure, according to various sources. For one, there was a coup attempt roughly every three months during Zia’s rule. In this regard, Ghulam Murshid said, “Once Farooq-Rashid and others were forgiven for the indiscipline, Zia tried very hard to bring the army back into order. But one coup after another kept happening in the army. After each coup, he hanged many army men. Many were killed wholesale without trial and given mass graves. Especially after the air force coup on 2nd October ’77, hundreds of people were killed without trial or summary trial. As a result, there were only 11 officers left in the Air Force at that time. Only three of them could fly”. According to Marcus Franda, 2,500 soldiers were killed in this coup. Finally, after Ziaur Rahman was killed in a military coup in Chittagong on 30 May 1981, many freedom fighters, including Major General Manzoor, were hanged and shot dead.
Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal Jasad will observe the day called Sepoy Janata Uprising Day across the country tomorrow. On this occasion, the Jasad Central Committee has organized a wreath-laying and discussion meeting with the portrait of Jasad leader Shaheed Col. Taher Biruttam at Shahid Colonel Taher Auditorium tomorrow at 3 pm. A press release of Jasd said today that Jasd president Hasanul Haq Inu MP and general secretary Shirin Akhtar MP along with leaders of the central and subsidiary organizations of the party will participate in the event.

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