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Americans call Trump less bellicose than Biden: poll

Americans call Trump less bellicose than Biden: poll
Americans call Trump less bellicose than Biden: poll

Americans say Donald Trump is less belligerent than President Joe Biden. Photo: CollectedAmericans trust Donald Trump more than Joe Biden for stability and peace in the domestic and international arena. They think that Donald Trump is less belligerent than Joe Biden. However, a significant number of Americans voted in favor of providing military aid to Israel and Ukraine.

Such a picture has emerged in a survey of the American media New York Times.

Polls show that voters in six swing states — Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — favor Donald Trump as the candidate. These states are called swing states as no party has a majority.

According to the survey published on Sunday, Trump is ahead of Biden in five of the six swing states. Trump is ahead in the state of Nevada by about 11 points. He is also ahead in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania by a small margin. Only in Wisconsin is Biden leading by just two points.

Two-thirds of respondents think the United States is headed in the wrong direction. A large portion of the survey participants felt that the policies of the Biden administration had harmed them personally. Even half of Biden’s supporters expressed dissatisfaction with his policies. 62 percent of respondents think that Biden is less motivated to run for president.

Six in ten respondents trust Trump more than Biden on economic issues. Most of the respondents consider the economy as the most important issue for the 2024 elections. In addition, in the survey, Trump is getting more importance in terms of education, income, age and gender.

Only 2 percent of survey participants, including less than 1 percent under the age of 30, think the U.S. economy is currently in great shape. This shows that Biden’s popularity among young voters is high. Biden won in 2020 with their support. But in the poll published last Sunday, Biden is ahead of Trump by only one point.

Earlier, Trump was ahead of Biden by three points in a survey by the American media CBS. According to polls, voters trust Republicans on the economy. About 45 percent of respondents say the U.S. economy will be better off under Trump. In comparison, only 18 percent of participants showed the same confidence in Biden. However, 51 percent of participants think both candidates’ policies are more favorable to the wealthy than the middle class.

48 percent said that if Biden comes to power in the second term, the economic situation will become fragile. And 32 percent have the same idea about Trump.

Americans even see Trump as less belligerent than Biden. About 47 percent of participants think that peace and stability in the world will increase if the Trump administration comes to power. In comparison, only 31 percent of participants trust Biden for peace and stability.

A majority of poll participants voted against engaging in wars on foreign soil. 72 percent think the United States should stay out of other countries’ affairs. And 35 percent prioritized a show of military power over US ideals. Still, many participants voted for military aid to Israel (55 percent) and Ukraine (53).

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