What did Humaira Himu do in Bigo Live?

What did Humaira Himu do in Bigo Live?
What did Humaira Himu do in Bigo Live?

Popular actress Humaira Himu passed away. Lover Ziauddin Rufi has been arrested in connection with Himu’s death. Rufi was in love with Himu even after marriage. As the story of disappointment has come in this incident, Bigo Live has been mentioned many times.

But what did Himu actually do in Bigo Live? One such video from Himu’s Bigo Live has come to the hands of Desh Nawaram, in which Humaira shows a scene where Himu kisses a young girl. Then he said, come to Chipa.

Later in another part of the video, Humaira Himu is seen talking to a foreign youth. The young man was constantly being shown a hint. Himu uttered several more words there. It is hard to believe what Himu is saying.

Did Himu come to Bigo Live because of financial difficulties? The answer to this question was tried in various ways. It seems that everyone does not want to accept that someone can have financial difficulties even if the car is flat.

Ahsan Habib Naseem, President of Desh Panwarka Actors’ Association, said on Monday afternoon, “After a while, the trend of acting in this country changes.” A gap is created. As a result, those who were working lost their jobs over time. I don’t know how logical it is, but it happens in our country. Again, many artists become averse to shooting with age. We have not heard that in Himu’s case.

He said, in fact, if any artist faces any problem, then we are told to inform us clearly, we will try to stand by him in any way. Himu has a flat-car in Dhaka. This may be the unity people can achieve in their lifetime. We have not heard about his financial problems. But if someone goes to Bigo live or any other live in personal life then we have nothing to say there.

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