Ongoing crisis, anarchy and transition

Ongoing crisis, anarchy and transition
Ongoing crisis, anarchy and transition

Miscreants set fire to a passenger bus in front of Dhaka’s National Press Club during the blockade called by BNP and Jamaat.


From afar, the appearance of the country can be seen, but it is blurred. If you don’t touch him from the ground, can you smell him? The smell of the soil tells how the country is. The expatriates of Bangladesh, who protested against Awami League and Sheikh Hasina in the name of concern for the country, seemed to have an eyelash when they went to the country.

The burden of accounting for the chaos in the name of nationwide democracy. Keep talking about politics. I am saying that there is so much suffering because people have become disinterested in development due to various causes. Bad governance has caught their attention. People have forgotten themselves in the monocentric reality. The friends of the leaders of bad times are blooming banana trees in front of their eyes. That tree does not provide shade. It does not bear fruit. People are so upset. On the one hand, the tide of development. Roads, flyovers, underground paths are all visible. But the fire in the market. Ordinary people cannot reconcile accounts. This reality is now all over the world, but the leaders and governments of other countries talk about it. They are busy managing the environment. Except for our development chief Sheikh Hasina and a few leaders, the world is spinning in their mouths, but in reality everything is pale. Then people don’t want anarchy. They have to take responsibility for the fire, terror or fights. Their accountability is increasing. Because it is wrong to destroy the country and the international image of the country. Even if something like this happens, it is the job to solve it yourself. Without doing that, strength is not found in holding hands and feet of big people. Rather, they themselves become weak. How do those who do not understand this run the country?

I was in Chittagong for a long time. Early on, the time was packed with awards, receptions, programs, discussions, TV shows and chats.

I will settle down a bit and go to Dhaka, everything is ready for two or two interview-based programs. Pick up and drop off from the airport is fine. On the last day of the puja, a tiny mosquito proved to be stronger than a human. Enough to destroy everything, house arrest for a long time. How to return then became the main issue. Many loved ones were not met while he was gathering energy. Sorry for their pain and suffering. It is also true that if I met them, I would have become pregnant. The mind was blown. did not

This year’s Chittagong has filled me so much that nobody’s jealousy could touch it. People’s appearance and behavior do not match the stories of failed whining and violence that I have heard. What does it matter? If you have Anuj like Rashed Rauf, if you have friends like Omar Qaiser, Yusuf Muhammad, if you have a kind hearted like Jinnah Chowdhury, if you have a companion like Rashed Hasan, if you have a shade tree like Bodhan, if you have well-wishers, then everything becomes impossible. Poet Asad Mannan postponed his ceremony and brought roses. It doesn’t get bigger than that. Its name is friendship. Its name is companionship. The day I left was the day of the siege. BNP, Jamaat had called a strike two days before. A schoolboy like my granddaughter was asking her mother, ‘What is the strike?’

This generation did not know strike-blockade. didn’t know Great politics is now recognizing it. Before going to the country, I did not stop criticizing the government for the expatriate civil disease. I still do, but when I went to the country, I thought who wants democracy? Who are they? Unrelated to country and ten, they understand nothing but mattress.

Realizing the failure of the government, the inability to control the rise in commodity prices, looting and the pride of power, the disaffected party has been able to enter the dream of occupying the mattress. They are by no means popular. Rather isolated. But they capitalized on public anger.

Needless to say, everyone knows this. Everyone also understands why so much development of the government is not working.

I was talking about the return day. By renting a few CNGs, cargo in one, us in one, guards on bikes in front of us came to the airport like this. Its name is movement? What is the name of this system development?

There didn’t seem to be anyone anywhere for people. It is not surprising that the people who are lying in hiding, suddenly come out, explode bombs and set fire to the country.

People who are averse to politics can’t live well in any way. I find it surprising that there is so much love for democracy in this country. Dictatorship triumphs at home and in society. It is a shame to call democracy in a society where ‘I am I’ and life is immobilized.

It has to be accepted that the development has been killed because of the imposed party system, not allowing people to speak, vote. Everyone understands that the way of passage is not America-India.

Making the leader understand the language of the common people will make the transition easier. He should be remembered by people, not in a glass house. He still trusts. Everyone understands that without Sheikh Hasina, this country is stagnant. The state to which he has led the country is impossible for fools and over-educated clever. Many people consider these writings of ours as oil baji. They can do that. But personally I never had any advantage. don’t want Rather, he is shocked by the party’s failure and lack of democracy. There is reason to believe that this country will never be able to go back to where it was before. Even if you can, it will be too late by then. After understanding so much, who knows why everyone does not come to the right path? There is no liberation in mere stagnation. There is no salvation in blind opposition. A bridge of reason and faith can liberate the nation. This nation is independent after much blood work. People have come and stood in the way of all the dangers of this country. Their love and sacrifice have freed them again and again. This is history. There is no interruption. Still after all this people are the refuge. As development is for people, so also people are at the root of all achievements. People must be sided. People are the biggest asset of any country.


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