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Trump beat Biden in the wavering 5-state survey

Trump beat Biden in the wavering 5-state survey
Trump beat Biden in the wavering 5-state survey

Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Photo: CollectedA survey of who the voters will vote for in the next election has shown that the former Donald Trump has topped the current president Biden in 5 major swing states of the United States. This survey was published by the New York Times and Siena College last Sunday.

According to a Huffington Post report today, Donald Trump, the potential Republican candidate against current President Biden, has received the support of 52 percent of voters in Nevada, while Biden has captured the attention of 41 percent of voters.

On the other hand, Trump 49 percent and Biden 43 percent in Georgia, Trump 49 percent and Biden 44 percent in Arizona, Trump 48 percent and Biden 43 percent in Michigan and Trump 48 percent and Biden 44 percent in Pennsylvania.

According to the report, Biden is leading only in Wisconsin among the swing states. According to the survey, Trump received 45 percent of the people’s support. In contrast, Biden received the support of 47 percent of the people.

The poll, conducted between October 22 and November 3, is worrying for the incumbent Democratic candidate. The current President Joe Biden is considered as a possible candidate for the next presidential election of the United States. If the results of the survey are maintained in the election, Donald Trump will easily be elected president by getting more than 300 Electoral College votes against Joe Biden.

However, the results of the survey have been seen to be reversed in the elections in the past. A Gallup poll a year before the 2012 election predicted that then-President Barack Obama would lose. But in the end, Obama proved the poll wrong by winning.

Although the results of the polls are not favorable, Biden’s campaign camp has shown a very optimistic attitude about the election. The spokesperson of this camp, Kevin Munoz, claimed that they will win the 2024 election through hard work in this campaign.

Voters cited Biden’s age and mental state as reasons behind Donald Trump in the poll. Many think that Trump will do better than Biden on economic issues.

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