The price of imported eggs has come down

The price of imported eggs has come down
The price of imported eggs has come down

The first consignment of eggs arrived in the country about a month and a half after the permission to import eggs. Last Sunday, 62,000 egg shipment arrived in the country through Benapole land port. In the meantime, its impact has started to fall on the country’s market. Prices have started to drop.

Earlier, importing company BDF Corporation got permission to import 1 crore eggs. As part of this, 61 thousand 950 eggs have arrived from India in two trucks. The import cost of each of these eggs including duty is 7 taka 23 paisa. Traders are hoping that the price will come down in the market as the import has started. They say that it will be possible to sell each egg for less than 10 rupees in the open market.

It has been seen from the market that due to the political agenda, the presence of common buyers in the market is comparatively less. Shopkeepers said that each hali (brown) egg is being sold at Tk 45 to Tk 48, which was sold at Tk 55 a few days ago. White eggs are being sold at 44 to 45 taka. Earlier it was 48 rupees.

Meanwhile, Benapole has decreased by 12 taka per hour. By doing this, eggs are available for 10 and a half taka to 11 taka. Customers are happy with it.

Benapole Port Director Abdul Jalil said, ‘More egg shipment may come in two days. Besides, a consignment of Indian potatoes is expected to arrive this afternoon.’

It should be noted that the prices of potatoes, onions and eggs have increased abnormally in the market this year. Later, on September 14, the government fixed the price of this product to keep the price under control. At that time, the retail price of each egg was fixed at 12 rupees. But the fixed rate was not properly implemented.

In view of this, in the first phase, on September 18, four companies were allowed to import four crore eggs. The companies are Meem Enterprises, Prime Energy Importers and Suppliers, Tiger Trading and Arnav Trading Limited.

Later, in the second round, on September 21, the Ministry of Commerce allowed six more companies to import 60 million eggs. The companies are Cheese Gallery, Popular Trade Syndicate, MS Ripa Enterprises, SM Corporation, BDS Corporation and M/s Zaynur Traders. But the import of eggs was stuck in various complications.

The import of eggs is practically prohibited in the country. However, if necessary, the Ministry of Commerce may allow import with the consent of the Ministry of Livestock. Although the import of eggs is allowed, four conditions have been imposed by the Ministry of Commerce.

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