Many people are losing their lives in accidents on the busiest road in Madaripur


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The maximum speed of vehicles on Jatrabari-Bhanga Expressway is 80 kmph. But the transport drivers compete with each other and the cars run at a speed of 120 to 140 kmph. In this, many people often lose their lives in accidents on the busiest roads. The Highway Police says that due to the modern roads, the traffic pressure has increased, along with the number of accidents.

This is how smashed vehicles are lying in front of Shivchar Highway Police Station in Madaripur. Many people have lost their lives in these vehicle accidents. The maximum speed limit for all types of vehicles on the 55 km road from Jatrabari in the capital to Bhanga in Faridpur is 80 km per hour. However, most of the cars are running at a speed of 120-140 km in violation of this law.

Passengers complain that people often lose their lives in accidents due to the competition of transport drivers. However, the drivers say that they are driving the vehicles fast to reach the passengers on time. Stating that the accidents on the highway are not decreasing due to lack of awareness, the highway police informed about various control activities. According to highway police data, 62 people died in 37 accidents under Shivchar highway police station from Shariatpur’s Jajira to Faridpur’s Maligram. In 17 cases, 5 people were arrested and 48 vehicles were seized.

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