Zelensky invited Trump to Ukraine


(2 minutes ago) Monday, November 6, 2023, 5:05 PM

Volodymyr Zelensky invited former US President Donald Trump to Ukraine. Because he wants to show Trump directly that it is not possible for him to solve the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
This is how the President of Ukraine challenged Trump in an interview given to NBC News on Sunday. He said former President Trump claimed that he can end this war in 24 hours. But President Biden came to Ukraine. I think he understood the real situation. One must come to Ukraine to understand this. So I am now inviting Trump to visit Ukraine. If he comes here, I will take only 24 minutes. And at this time I will explain to him that it is not possible for him to stop this war.

Note that Trump is going to get the nomination from the Republican party in the next US election. He is far ahead of other competitors.

On the other hand, the Biden-Trump survey also shows that he is doing better than the current president. As a result, the possibility that Trump can become the president of the United States again in the 2024 US election is getting stronger day by day. Trump has been staunchly opposed to supporting Ukraine from the start. He has been talking about prioritizing peace talks with Russia. While Biden has vowed to arm Ukraine as long as necessary, Trump says Biden’s policies are leading the world to World War III. He also expressed confidence that if he wins the election next year, he will sign a Russia-Ukraine peace deal in just 24 hours.

Last September, Trump told NBC, “I will talk to the Russian president in a room first.” Then I will talk to Zelensky. Then I will bring the two together and make a deal. However, when asked how Trump will convince Russia and Ukraine in this peace agreement, he said, “If I say it now, I will reveal my main strategy.”

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