A hundred-year-old Amir waiting for death by digging a grave next to the house

A hundred-year-old Amir waiting for death by digging a grave next to the house
A hundred-year-old Amir waiting for death by digging a grave next to the house

Amir Ali (110) is a resident of Lohagach (West Ward) area of ​​Sreepur Municipality of Gazipur. He has dug a grave for himself next to the residence. He spends most of the day next to the grave dug seven years ago. If necessary, also do cleaning work. He also bequeathed that if his wife Amena Khatun dies, she should be buried next to his grave.

Meanwhile, such incidents of digging graves before death have created sensation in the area. In addition to people from the surrounding area, people are coming to see the dug grave after receiving news from different areas.

Amir Ali said, he is now 110 years old. The mind wants to dig its own grave. From that idea, he started digging graves seven years ago. The inside of the grave is lined with walls (brick masonry). He did this from the idea that no one should have to work hard to dig the grave after death. He also said that he did not take anyone’s suggestion or anyone’s advice.

He said that he has only one son. He is also living with his wife and children. Due to age, Amir Ali cannot earn bread. They spend their days eating whatever is available in the house, or whatever is cooked with their wife if someone gives them something. If there is no food, days go by without eating. Don’t want to leave home and touch anyone.

Ameer Ali said that if he dies early, he will be buried in his dug grave. And if the wife dies earlier, a new grave will be dug next to her and buried.

Ameer Ali’s wife Amena Begum said he said he would leave first. His heart will always be soft after seeing the dug grave. He dug his own grave so as not to let anyone do any work in digging the grave. He has reserved a place for me next to where he will be buried. There will be my grave. My grave, however, is not dug. This is my promise and his. After our eternal departure our only son and elder brother will take care of the grave. If my husband dies earlier, I will bury him in his own grave. If I die first, he will bury me next to the grave he dug.

Local student Mashrafe Sarkar said, I have been seeing Amir Ali digging graves for 5/7 years. He sits beside the grave and prays. His wife is always by his side.

Neighbor Ismail Hossain said that Amir Ali had dug his own grave in advance. Along with everyone in the area, I myself went and saw that grave. He dug a grave before his death. Who knows if his death will be here except Allah? He has dug a grave in front of the house as he understood it.

Sahid Mia, a local resident, said that digging the grave is not the end, he has also brought the cloth for the shroud. Everyone in the area knows. People go to see the grave dug by him. People come from different areas to see the grave. A mahfil is being held at his house every few days.

Amir Ali’s friend Ibrahim Hossain said, I don’t know if he dug the grave himself. But I saw the grave. We go to his house every Thursday. Asgar Kari Zikir. He told us, he dug his own grave. He also said that if he dies, he will be buried in that grave. I don’t need to know anything about grave digging so I don’t ask.

Councilor Sahid Sarkar of Ward No. 3 of Sreepur Municipality said that we all know that Amir Ali has dug his own grave, including the people of the area. At home he preaches Zikir Asghar, Milad Mahfil, Waz. As he is older, we have given him old age allowance card.

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