US wants to create instability in Bangladesh: Ramadan

US wants to create instability in Bangladesh: Ramadan
US wants to create instability in Bangladesh: Ramadan

Yousef SY Ramadan, the Palestinian ambassador in Dhaka, believes that the United States wants to create unrest in Bangladesh by issuing the upcoming national elections. According to him, the US wants its control in Bangladesh. They are not interested in whether the election was fair or free. He said these things in an interview given to a private television channel.

However, Yusuf SY Ramadan questions the interest of the United States in the internal affairs of a country. He said, ‘I want to say one thing straight, the United States actually wants to create instability. Whether the election was fair or not is not important to them. It’s a warning.’

Highlighting his observations, Yusuf said, geographically, Bangladesh is located between powerful countries like India and China. The main crisis is between the US and China. The main enemy of the US is China, their objection is China’s emerging economy. The United States cannot accept China’s entire position, including its donor capacity. And that is why the US wants to cut China’s wings and the US believes that Bangladesh is a small part of China’s wings.

Bangladesh’s relations with China, India and Russia are closer than the United States thinks, which has become a headache for Washington, added the Palestinian ambassador.

Yusuf SY Ramadan said, Bangladesh ranks eighth in the world in terms of population. It is a big market. Why are the products of the United States less in such a large market? Why is Bangladesh not buying weapons from them? Why only buy weapons from China or Russia or in some cases India? Let’s talk about the Quad or the US-led alliance, why Bangladesh is not a member? Why did Bangladesh refuse to join the coalition led by them?

Yusuf said why Bangladesh does not want to give a part of its territory to set up a US military or naval base. Who taught Bangladesh to say ‘no’? The United States cannot accept Bangladesh’s refusal.

Yusuf SY Ramadan also said what will happen if the strong country does not accept the option. He said, when Bangladesh says no, it will have to pay the price. Bangladesh has been given two options, either you stand with the US and the West, or you don’t tell the rest of the countries and become a puppet of the US.

The Palestinian envoy said, and the second option is to retain its independent sovereignty without telling the United States and say that Bangladesh will stand by the people while maintaining its dignity and make its own decisions independently. There is a price to be paid for both.

According to the Palestinian ambassador, the countries of the western world consider themselves powerful and believe that third world countries are obliged to obey their orders.

Yusuf SY Ramadan said, Westerners have three options in our time. Their interpretation is that if we are under Israeli occupation, peace will come, but we will have to sacrifice our dignity. Or we will leave our land, which will increase the size of Israel, they will occupy our houses.

The ambassador said, another option is to continue our struggle, in this case the West will not come to our aid, they will not speak against the occupation, instead they will stand against us. They believe that they should follow the words of our Lord, the Lord.

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