One person sentenced to death in Chuadanga murder case

One person sentenced to death in Chuadanga murder case
One person sentenced to death in Chuadanga murder case

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November 6, 2023 15:35

Chuadanga representative

The court ordered death sentence to one accused and life sentence to two accused in the case of murder of child Abu Huraira of Taltala village of Chuadanga. 50,000 to the accused sentenced to death and 20,000 taka to each of those sentenced to life imprisonment has been ordered to serve three months’ imprisonment without labour. On Monday afternoon Chuadanga Additional Sessions Judge Second Court Judge Md. Masud Ali announced the verdict in the presence of two accused.

Accused sentenced to death is the son of Shahidul Islam of Taltala village in Chuadanga town area. Momin and Parvez Ahmed, son of Motaleb Hussain of the same village and Ashrafuzzaman alias Reason, son of Jamaat Ali, were sentenced to life imprisonment. Among them is Parvez Ahmed, an accused who has been sentenced to life imprisonment and is absconding.

According to the details of the case, the accused was sentenced to death on the afternoon of January 19, 2022 due to a previous dispute with the father of the child Abu Huraira. Momin killed Abu Hurairah. With the help of Parvez and Ashrafuzzaman, they wrote a letter to the child’s father demanding a ransom of Tk 10 lakh.
After the confession and testimony of the defendants in this case, the charges were proved beyond doubt, and the judge of the court gave the said verdict.

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