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BJP | BJP is going to lock the conference room of state office after Vijoya Sammelan of Dilip Ghosh dgtl

BJP | BJP is going to lock the conference room of state office after Vijoya Sammelan of Dilip Ghosh dgtl
BJP | BJP is going to lock the conference room of state office after Vijoya Sammelan of Dilip Ghosh dgtl

Midnipur MP Dilip Ghosh held a victory rally with followers at the state BJP’s ‘Aadi’ office without party announcement. Allegedly, the former state president did not inform the party about the program of last Monday. At the same time, the slogans raised on the occasion made the current state leadership ‘uncomfortable’. The state leadership has decided to lock the hall at No. 6 Muralidhar Sen Lane so that no other leader becomes such a ’cause of disorder’ in the future. Although there is no separate announcement for this, the party has decided that the doors of the hall will be opened only if there is a specific program. It will not be open at all times as before.

The state BJP’s organizational work has been running from a house in Sector Five, Salt Lake since a few months ago. The state office has been built in a rented house. There are also separate houses of state leaders. Also there is room for all the fronts of the party. On the other hand, it has been decided that the state party’s ‘call centre’ will be set up in the old office. Apart from this, the district which includes the Kolkata North Lok Sabha constituency will also have its office in that house on Muralidhar Sen Lane. Now that renovation work is going on. Demolition of many upper houses is already underway. Kolkata North district president Tamoghan Ghosh is handling the office temporarily. There is no room left for any other leader. However, the one-storey house is intact. There are still occasional press conferences.

In the same room, Dileep held a victory rally last Monday after being crowned by fans. There were slogans, “How is the Josh!” Dilip Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh.” Although no announcement was made on behalf of the party, Dilip spoke about the program separately to the media. Along with Dileep, workers also migrated from Kolkata and surrounding districts. The ‘joy’ in the narrow street gathering, though not very large in number, was palpable. The leaders of the recently formed ‘BJP Bachao Committee’ can also be seen in that crowd. Along with ‘Josh’ and ‘Ghosh’ slogans can be heard, “Our Chief Minister Kaisa Ho! Dilip Ghosh Jayasa Ho!”

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Criticism started in the party after this program of Dileep. Can such behavior be done in a disciplined party like BJP? Why did a veteran leader, who at one time went from being an RSS propagandist to the BJP to become state president and all-India vice-president, do so without informing the party? Although no one publicly criticized it, discussions began within the party. After this it was decided to hang the lock in Muralidhar’s hall. It is learned that from now on, if the hall is required for any morcha, branch or program of Kolkata North, the permission of the state leadership must be taken in advance.

Despite accepting such a decision, none of the state leaders are willing to open their mouths about it. Talking about why such a decision was made, a state level leader said, “It cannot be said that this decision has been made in view of an old program. It was already decided that the necessary items would be kept in that room while the rest of the house was being renovated. It’s going on. After that, the room will be locked for security reasons.” The leader also said that since the room is open, many times many people come and sit in the hall without permission or invitation. AC, fan, lights keep on. This decision aims to stop all that.

Dileep also did not comment when asked about the closure of that house. However, Dileep-followers say that the state leadership got scared after seeing the ‘enthusiasm’ of ‘Adi’ on Monday. A native leader who was present at Dilip’s event said, “I remember a poem. Rabindranath wrote, Close the door and stop the delusion. Truth be told, but where do I enter? This time it really appears that the state leadership does not want to let the ‘truth’ in.

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