Samrita Hospital tops weekly price hike on DSE

Samrita Hospital tops weekly price hike on DSE
Samrita Hospital tops weekly price hike on DSE

Among the companies and mutual funds that participated in the trading in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main capital market of the country, in the outgoing week (October 29 to November 2), the share price of Shamrita Hospital Limited, a company listed in the service and accommodation sector, increased the most. The company’s shares topped DSE’s weekly gainer chart on strong investor interest.

This information is known from the weekly review of DSE.

According to the data, the closing price of Samrita Hospital Limited shares was Rs.76.20 after the last business day of the previous week. And the closing price of its shares stood at Tk 100.80 after the last working day of the outgoing week. In other words, the share price of the company increased by 24.60 rupees or 32.28 percent during the week. With this, the company’s shares have topped the list of weekly gainers on DSE.

Other top gainers on DSE include Khan Brothers 31.80 percent, Khulna Printing 19.39 percent, Meghna Cement 18.84 percent, Haqqani Pulp 15.50 percent, Fu-Wang Food 14.05 percent, Reliance Insurance Shares of Sena Kalyan Insurance gained 11.56 percent, Sena Kalyan Insurance 11.11 percent, Wimax 9.95 percent and National Tea 9.83 percent.

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