Howrah-Bandel | Change of signal from Howrah to Bandel route in order to reduce accidents

Howrah-Bandel | Change of signal from Howrah to Bandel route in order to reduce accidents
Howrah-Bandel | Change of signal from Howrah to Bandel route in order to reduce accidents

Incidents of accidents due to forgetting to watch signals are increasing in railways. A situation like mistaking the signal of a train on the adjacent line for its own has also happened in the Eastern Railway. The trend of train drivers mistaking signals on busy branches has become a cause of concern for the railways.

Eastern Railway has started using ‘two track cantilever’ to install signals on Howrah-Bandel Main branch railway line to reduce this problem of drivers. In this system, the signal light will be suspended from two tiered steel girders above the line instead of the poles next to the line. Signal high above the line
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If there is a bend, the signal pillar will be visible from a distance. Eastern Railway claims that the change of light signals can be seen relatively better than the old system.

Analyzing the last few railway accidents, it has been found that the parts with automatic block signals are more prone to problems. In those sections, the railway line is divided into multiple sections at fixed distances. When a train enters a certain section, the signal turns red for other trains in that section. The signal of the next train turns green only when the previous train leaves the line of that section. Railway sources said that the technology is used in those parts where the track is overcrowded. In that system, signal control is done through fully automatic devices. A special device placed on the railway track immediately informs a train that enters or leaves a certain section of the railway which has the signaling system of that special technology. Signaling system works by seeing the message of that device.

The colors of train signal lights change frequently on automatic block branches. Which requires special care and skill to drive the train properly. An analysis of the causes of recent accidents has revealed weakness in drivers seeing signals at automatic block sections across the country.

Howrah-Bandel is one of the busiest branches of Eastern Railway. Trains often run on multiple lines there as well. Railway officials have claimed that the introduction of this new system will make train movement safer. A railway official said, “If the signal is well seen, the mental stress of the drivers will be less. As a result, their tendency to make mistakes will decrease. Overall safety will increase in train movement.”

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