ODI World Cup 2023: ‘Shamira would walk into any team in the world’, says Fanny de Villiers

ODI World Cup 2023: ‘Shamira would walk into any team in the world’, says Fanny de Villiers
ODI World Cup 2023: ‘Shamira would walk into any team in the world’, says Fanny de Villiers

The speaker is Fanny de Villiers. At one point, he was the sole face of South Africa’s pace battery. Who has forgotten his formidable pairing with Alan Donald? Who has forgotten the life of the opposition batsman with his mouthful of poor bowling? That Fanny de Villiers gave a phone interview from Johannesburg on Friday ‘News every day‘Who. Heard Rajarshi Gangopadhyay.

South Africa is playing amazingly in the current World Cup. No one could have imagined that the team would play so fiercely on the Indian pitch. How is the team playing?

Fanny: I know many people are surprised to see South Africa play so badly. But I don’t feel like it. Behind the radical change in South African cricket is the change in our country’s domestic cricket. Our country’s domestic cricket is not like before. The entire opening has been changed. All the best talents are emerging which is ever after. Our national team has been built over the last three-four years. Those who play together in different environments have become accustomed to any situation. Nitfall, we have a team that we can be optimistic about.

[আরও পড়ুন:  ইডেন ম্যাচের আগে দুঃসংবাদ, বিশ্বকাপ থেকে ছিটকে গেলেন হার্দিক পাণ্ডিয়া]

I understand But the batting that Quinton de Kock or Henrik Klaasen is doing is unimaginable.
Fanny: Quinton is not playing from today. But I will talk about Klassen separately. When Klaassen first came to play for South Africa, it was amazing to see him. What do you know, a cricketer’s quality can be understood when he leaves the comfort zone of the country’s field. The difference between good and great becomes clear. Earlier, our players did great in the country, but they could not think of it when they went abroad. But Klassen plays as well at home as he does abroad. Of course, in this case, I will also talk about international exposure.

ie IPL?
Fanny: IPL of course. When India started the IPL, the rest of the world’s cricketers also got an incredible opportunity to improve themselves. Mind you, IPL is played in T20 format. And the current world cup is in one day format. But the platform is the platform. Apart from that, if there are limited options in front of the cricketer in the country, why doesn’t he go out? I would say, if Indian cricketers played different franchise cricket, they would have improved. But there is another factor in Klassen’s success on the pitch.

Fanny: India’s pitch. Indian pitch bowler assistant, ever thought no one has seen it? We could not think of time!

If so, Markram-Klasen-Rabada’s chokers are calling the best chance to move the trophy? Which is not like a curse associated with the name South Africa?
Fanny: Tell me first, which team does Tag sit next to? Those who play well, who are better teams, next to them, so? As we have repeatedly lost in the semi-finals and finals, the nickname ‘Chokers’ has been attached to our name. You know, winning a tournament takes a bit of luck. Fifty percent luck is needed in T20, but at least thirty percent is needed in ODIs. We never got it. Hopefully, luck will be with us this time. Our team is great this time. The batting is unbelievably good. The pace department would have been much stronger without Anrich. But Rabada will handle his lack. With NGDI. There are spinners like Keshav Maharaj, Tabrez Shamsi. With this thirty percent luck, we will continue!

Sunday’s India-South Africa in Eden is a frenzy going on. Everyone is saying that the two best teams of the World Cup are facing each other on that day.
Fanny: It is. Not only that, I would say that India-South Africa can also face each other in the World Cup final. See, the bowlers of the two teams will decide the fate of the match at Eden on Sunday. Better said, fast bowlers. The batting of the two teams is close. Now who is playing better fast bowling, that is the real thing. There are pacers like Marco Jansen, Rabada. Our power play record is also good. I mean, Indian pacers are fifteen percent ahead of us. But don’t be surprised if Rabada surprises.

No wonder, Allan Donald’s bowling partner is keeping the Indian pace battery ahead!
Fanny: Why not? Listen, fast bowling has two departments. First, what are you doing with the new ball? And the second, bombardment! Khullamkhulla bombardment! Mohammad Sami, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammad Siraj are both dangerous. This is undoubtedly the best pace battery you will ever have. In our time, a pacer of the caliber of Sami or Bumrah was one of India’s greatest possessions. The rest is not to be allowed! Don’t tell yourself, who was the face of the Indian pace battery at that time, who could have made it into any team in the world? Did anyone get a chance to play in South Africa? And now? Bumrah-Samy-Siraj would be taken by any team in the world! Samira will walk into any team in the world! Do you understand why I said this?

[আরও পড়ুন: আকাশছোঁয়া বিনিয়োগ, আইপিএল-এর দিকে নজর সৌদি আরবের]

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