Why is the nose and ears cotton after death? Many do not know


Why is the nose and ears cotton after death? Many do not know

Exclusive Desk: The dead body is kept at home for some time before cremation or burial. You must have noticed that cotton is put in the nose and ears of dead bodies.

But have you ever tried to know why it is done? First of all, there are scientific and spiritual reasons behind this.

When a person dies, his body starts to lose temperature and also loses all resistance to germs which cause decay in the body and there the germs leave the body. As a result, those germs can cause infection in the body of all the people around.

Talking about the scientific reason, a special type of liquid is released from the ears and nose after the death of a person. Which is pretty stinky. To stop this fluid flow, cotton is applied to the nose and ears.

It is also said that the nose and ear holes are covered with cotton to prevent any bacteria from entering the body after death.

According to the Garuda Purana, gold particles are supposed to be placed in the opening of the dead body. They can be placed on nine parts of the body, including the nose, ears, eyes, mouth, etc.

Actually gold is a very sacred metal. It is believed that placing gold on these parts of the dead body brings salvation to the soul of that body.

In Puranas death is described as a new beginning rather than an end, i.e. in death the soul leaves one body and enters another body and this is done to facilitate the work of the soul.

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