Conditions for foreigners have become difficult


The minimum salary has also been revised for foreign workers who are working in foreign companies in various sectors in Bangladesh and who may be employed in the future. The minimum salary for top positions has been set at 2500 to 3000 dollars depending on the country. And for technician, medical technologist or equivalent positions, the minimum base salary is set at $1,200. Earlier in 2011, the minimum basic salary for foreign workers was $650. And the highest basic salary in the top position was 2 thousand dollars.

In the case of foreigners working in the top positions of foreign organizations, the minimum basic salary for citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and European Union countries and other countries of the developed world will be 3 thousand dollars. If any of the citizens of Malaysia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa and other countries of the same quality hold the top positions in foreign organizations, the minimum basic salary for them will be 2 thousand 800 dollars. And in the case of citizens of third world countries including South Asian countries Myanmar, Indonesia, the minimum salary will be two and a half thousand dollars.

In the revised policy, for the first time, the minimum basic salary of foreign nationals employed as vice-chancellors, professors, associate and assistant professors, lecturers in foreign educational institutions has also been determined. If a citizen of a developed country, including the United States, the United Kingdom, serves as a vice chancellor in a foreign educational institution operating in this country, his minimum basic salary will be two and a half thousand dollars. If one of the citizens of the same countries works as a professor, his salary will be 2 thousand 300 dollars. And in the case of associate professors, the salary is 1 thousand 900 dollars, in the case of assistant professors 1 thousand 800 dollars and in the case of lecturers, 1 thousand 700 dollars salary has been determined.

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