Earthquake devastated Nepal, at least 128 people died

Earthquake devastated Nepal, at least 128 people died
Earthquake devastated Nepal, at least 128 people died

A terrible earthquake has hit Nepal, the country known as the Himalayan girl. 128 people have died in this 6.4 magnitude earthquake so far. Hundreds of people were injured. Thousands of houses were damaged. The death toll is expected to rise as many people are buried under the rubble.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which struck late Friday night, was 11 miles below the surface in Jajarkot district, 250 miles northeast of the capital Kathmandu. Nepal Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center informed this information in a notification on Saturday.

Meanwhile, NDTV reported that the earthquake was also felt in the capital of India, New Delhi, 800 km away from the border of Nepal.

The earthquake has cut off communication in many parts of Nepal. Jajarkot district Deputy Superintendent of Police Santosh Roka said Jajarkot and West Rukum were the worst affected. 44 people died in Jajarkot alone. A mayor is also among the dead. More than fifty were injured.

The police superintendent of West Rukum said that 36 people were killed in his area. Moreover, 36 deaths have been reported in Atbiskot Municipality. Another eight died in the Saniveri Palli municipality area.

The rescue operation of the government forces is going on. Rescue workers said the death toll may increase.

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