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Bangladeshi taka exchange rate of different countries today – 4 November 2023

Bangladeshi taka exchange rate of different countries today – 4 November 2023
Bangladeshi taka exchange rate of different countries today – 4 November 2023

Find out today’s money rate. Today, Saturday, 4 November 2023 Eng, Bangla: 19 Kartik 1430, let’s start the day and see what is the rate of today’s taka in Bangladeshi taka of different countries.

To send money from abroad at the right rate, always send money knowing the actual exchange rate. Here the price that can be obtained in Bangladeshi Taka if the foreign currency is changed to Bangladeshi Taka is mentioned. On the other hand, if you want to buy foreign currency in Bangladeshi Taka, the price will be different.

Check below for daily latest updates. Updated: 07:34:01 (04/11/2023) UTC+06:00 – Pravasir Digant Ltd.

Good news for expats: The incentive on expatriate remittances has been increased to 5 percent. From now on, if you send remittances through valid channels, you will get a cash incentive of 5% from the government. Know more, What are the incentives in expatriate remittances?

Country and foreign currency Bangladeshi Taka – ৳ (BDT)
Malaysian 1 Ringgit 25 taka 30 paise (Bank) (Development 23.15) (Cash 23.15)
1 Saudi riyal 29 taka 53 paise (Bank/Development) (Cash 29.21)
US$1 116 taka 32 paise (Bank) (Development/Rocket 111.60) (Cash 111.05)
European 1 euro 117 Taka 91 Paisa (Bank) (Development 117.39) (Cash 118.47)
Italian 1 euro 125 taka 65 paise (Bank) (Development/Cash 123.20)
1 British pound 136 taka 61 paise (Bank) (Development 136.61) (Cash 136.80)
1 Singapore dollar 81 taka 60 paise (Bank) (Development 81.35) (Cash 80.56)
Australian 1 dollar 71 taka 72 paise (Bank/Development/Cash)
1 New Zealand dollar 65 taka 50 paisa (Bank) (Development 65.60) (Cash 63.63)
Canadian 1 dollar 78 taka 75 paise (Bank) (Development 79.64)
UAE 1 dirham 29 taka 93 paise (Bank/Development/Cash)
Omani Rial 1 307 taka 53 paise (Bank/Development/Cash)
Bahraini 1 dinar 320 taka 51 paise (Bank/Development) (Cash 291.65)
Qatar 1 Riyal 33 taka 2 paise (Bank/Development/Cash)
Kuwait 1 dinar 386 taka 30 paise (Bank/Development) (Cash 356.81)
1 French from Switzerland 121 taka 43 paise (Bank) (Development 120.58) (Cash 121.35)
South African 1 rand 6 rupees 6 paise
Japanese 1 Yen 0.735 Tk (Bank) (Development 0.736) (Cash 0.733)
South Korean 1 won 0.0904 Rs (Bank) (Development 0.0857) (Cash 0.0841)
Indian 1 Rs 1 rupee is 30.38 paise (Bank/Development/Cash)
  • () The rate of rupee has decreased today compared to yesterday.
  • () The rate of money has increased today from last day.
  • () Rupee rate remains unchanged. – Horizons of Diaspora.

The currency exchange rates mentioned are only applicable for sending money abroad. Actual value may change partially over space and time. Also the actual price may be slightly lower or higher due to differences in online transfer, agent transfer, bank transfer, cash pickup and agent commission. You can check the information from your nearest bank to know the latest price. Do not use Google or currency converters. There are buy and sell averages. Pravasi Horizon does not buy or sell any foreign currencies. To facilitate sending remittances to expatriates, we provide daily real exchange rates of different countries’ currencies into Bangladeshi taka.

Send your hard-earned money home safely through a bank. Avoid illegal methods like hundi. If you send remittance to the country through the bank or legally, you will get a cash incentive of 5 percent from the government. Keep an eye on Pravasi’s horizon to know the daily rate of rupees / exchange rate of foreign currency.

Malaysia (Ringit), Saudi Arabia (Rial), America (US Dollar), Europe (Euro), Britain (Pound), Singapore (Singapore Dollar), United Arab Emirates (Dirham), Australia (Australian Dollar), New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar), Canada (Canadian Dollar), Oman (Omani Rial), Bahrain (Bahrain Dinar), Qatar (Qatari Dinar), Kuwait (Kuwaiti Dinar), Switzerland (Swiss French), Japan (Japanese Yen).

Note: Currency rates may change at any time.

– Source: Foreign Exchange

The article is in Bengali

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