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All election materials including nomination forms are coming to Chittagong today

All election materials including nomination forms are coming to Chittagong today
All election materials including nomination forms are coming to Chittagong today

Amid conflict and violence in the political arena, the 90-day countdown to the 12th National Assembly election has started from November 1. According to the rules of the constitution, the election commission has to finish this election between November 1 of this month and January 29, 2024. The Election Commission is preparing for that purpose. according to custom, The Election Commissioners met the President before announcing the schedule. known, Tomorrow, November 5, President Md. Commission led by EC Kazi Habibul Awal will meet Sahabuddin.

The Election Commission headed by then CEC KM Nurul Huda met the President on November 1, 2018 before the last 11th Parliament Election. A week later, the schedule for the parliamentary elections was announced on November 8. The then CEC leadership met the President on November 19, 2013 before the 10th parliamentary elections. A week later, the polling schedule was announced on November 25. The schedule for the 12th National Assembly elections may be announced this week or next week and the commission is preparing to hold the elections in early January. Election Damadol has already started all over the country. The election train will start traveling to the destination after the election schedule is announced in the first or second week of November.

For this purpose, Chittagong Regional and District Election Office is completing all preparations step by step. Polling stations and polling booths for 16 parliamentary constituencies of Chittagong have already been finalized. Voter list according to the parliamentary seat has also been finalized. Swachh ballot boxes have arrived at the Chittagong Regional and District Election Office according to the counting of polling stations and booths for voting in 16 parliamentary constituencies. Candidates’ nomination forms and other election materials are coming from the Election Commission today.

Chittagong District Election Office Senior Assistant Abul Khair told Azadi in this regard, Election materials including nomination forms for the 12th National Assembly elections will come to Chittagong under police guard on Saturday. One of our officers went to fetch them from the commission on Friday. Election Commission is providing all election materials including nomination form for the 12th National Assembly election district wise. Only without ballot paper. Our Chittagong district election material will be given on Saturday.

To say that all preparations are going to be completed in the office of all the regional and senior district election officers of the country like Chittagong for the purpose of taking the votes in the 12th national parliament elections.

After the announcement of the schedule, among the interested candidates according to the seat, Chittagong Regional Election Officer’s office, Nomination forms will be distributed in the office of the district election officer and the office of the thana and upazila election officer. Chittagong regional and district election office officials are busy from morning to night in completing all such preparations.

Chittagong Senior District Election Officer Mohammad Enamul Haque told Azadi, All preparations are underway for the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. A lot of work around the election. All work is in progress. I have finalized the voter list according to the polling station of each parliamentary seat and sent it to the commission. The demand for seat based transparent ballot was sought from the commission. We have sent the seat-wise Swachh Ballot list to the Election Commission. We have stocked all the ballot boxes here. Earlier the number of constituency wise polling stations and booths has been finalised.

Chittagong Regional Election Officer’s office and Chittagong District Election Officer’s office informed, The total number of polling stations in Chittagong’s 16 parliamentary constituencies is 2,022 and the number of booths is 13,741. One transparent ballot box will be required in each booth and one additional transparent ballot box in each center for taking votes in the 12th National Assembly elections. As such, 16 thousand 440 transparent ballots will be required for the next 12th National Parliament election in 16 parliamentary constituencies of Chittagong. Among them, 14 thousand 208 are stored in Chittagong election office. As the remaining 2 thousand 232 ballots are required, the demand letter of the Election Commission was sent from the Chittagong Regional Election Officer’s office. According to the demand letter, 5000 transparent ballots have already been sent from the Election Commission.

Chittagong Senior District Election Officer’s office informed, Parliamentary Constituency 278 ChittagongThe number of voters in Mirsarai is 3 lakh 64 thousand 300 people, Parliamentary Constituency 279 Chittagong2 The number of voters in Phatikchari is 4 lakh 52 thousand 27 people, Parliamentary Constituency 289 Chittagong3 The number of voters in Sandwip is 2 lakh 39 thousand 784 people, Parliamentary Constituency 281 Chittagong4 The total number of voters in Ward No. 9 and 10 of Sitakunda and Nagar is 4 lakh 26 thousand 896 people., Parliamentary Constituency 282 Chittagong 5 Hathajari Upazila and Ward No. 1 and No. 2 of the city total number of voters 4 lakh 75 thousand 24 people, Parliamentary Constituency 283 Chittagong6 Total number of voters in Raujan Upazila is 3 lakh 15 thousand 562 people, Parliamentary Constituency 284 Chittagong7 The total number of voters in Sripur and Kharandeen of Rangunia Upazila and Boalkhali is 3 lakh 11 thousand 647 people., Parliamentary Constituency 285 Chittagong8 Boalkhali Upazila (SripurExcept Kharandwip) and 3 of Chittagong city, 4,5,The total number of voters in ward number 6 and 7 is 5 lakh 16 thousand 128 people, Parliamentary Constituency 286 Chittagong9 in Kotwali (Ward No. 15 to 23 and No. 31 to 35 of the city ) The total number of voters is 4 lakh 11 thousand 934 people, Parliamentary Constituency 287 Chittagong10. Double mooring, KhulshiIn Halishahr (8 of the city,11,12,13,14,24,Ward No. 25 and 26) The total number of voters is 4 lakh 83 thousand 705 people, Parliamentary Constituency 288 Chittagong11 portsPatengaSadarghat (27 to 30 and 36 to 41 wards of the city) The number of voters is 5 lakh 10 thousand 503 people, Parliamentary Constituency 289 ChittagongThe total number of voters in 12 Patia upazilas is 3 lakh 27 thousand 815 people, Parliamentary Constituency 290 Chittagong13 The total number of voters in Anwara and Karnaphuli upazilas is 3 lakh 55 thousand 32 people, Parliamentary Constituency 291 Chittagong14 Keochia of Chandanish Upazila and Satkania Upazila, Kaliaish, Bazalia, Dharampur, The total number of voters with Khagria and Purangarh union is 2 lakh 87 thousand 21 people, Parliamentary Constituency 292 Chittagong15 of Lohagara Upazila and Satkania Upazila (Keochia, Kaliaish, Bazalia, Dharampur, Except Khagria and Purangarh Union) The total number of voters is 4 lakh 56 thousand 128 people, Parliamentary Constituency 293 Chittagong16. The total number of voters in Banskhali upazila is 3 lakh 67 thousand 458 people.

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