Gold Rate – Big fall in gold price. Find out the price of silver and gold in your city.


Gold and silver prices have seen base fluctuations in the past few days. And when the gold rate or gold price decreases, customers are more interested in buying gold. And on the other hand, when the price of gold falls, the shops also get crowded. According to the data of the Indian market, after increasing the price of gold for 3 days from November 1, the gold rate decreased again today.

Gold Rate Today, Silver Rate Today

The demand for gold in the Indian market is very high. Be it any kind of social or cultural event, gold jewelery is preferred by most of the people. Moreover, the month of November is going on now. The festivities will continue throughout the month. Besides, the wedding season starts from the month of November till the whole winter. So many people are naturally buying more gold and silver jewelry now for different needs.

And this is why the gold rate has increased since the beginning of the month. But if you buy gold with a little attention, you can buy gold at a lower price. For example, there was a huge fall in gold prices yesterday on Friday. And even today that price remains unchanged. It is heard that the price of gold has fallen at a much lower rate than before. However, the price of gold and silver will fluctuate before Dhanteras.

Gold jewelry is not everyone’s favorite. But the huge price of this gold is not affordable for everyone. In today’s market where the price of all the daily essentials is skyrocketing, hearing the price of gold makes even the rich people cringe. For the middle class there, gold jewelry is just an illusion. So whether it is a wedding or any other ritual, most of the time, the wealth of all those busy people is city gold or imitation.

But now this sorrow is over. Gold Rate Chart published today shows that the price of gold has become much cheaper than before. Through which now the middle class and poor people can use this very dear gold. Yes, it has been reported through sources. Then without delay, find out the price of gold in your city (Gold Price today).

Gold Rate Today in Kolkata

Prices of gold in different quantities:-
As per the list of Multi Commodity Exchange Rates,
1. The rate chart published yesterday showed that the price of 10 grams of 24 carat gold in Kolkata was Rs 61,640. Today 24 carat gold price per gram is Rs 6164 in Kolkata. In that case, the price of 10 grams is 61 thousand 640 taka.

That is, the price is the same as the previous day. The rate chart published on the last day of last month i.e. October 30 showed that the price of equivalent and equivalent gold was Tk 62,630. That is, this price has become 1000 rupees cheaper than before.

2. According to the rate chart published yesterday, the price of 10 grams of 22 carat gold was Tk 56 thousand 500. Today this gold price is 5650 rupees per gram. That is, the price of 10 grams is 56 thousand 500 taka. So there is no difference in gold price between yesterday and today. On the other hand, if it is seen on October 30, then the price of the same amount of gold on that day was Tk 57 thousand 410. So in this case too the price has become 1000 rupees cheaper than before.

However, the value of gold is not equal everywhere. Gold prices are going up or down a bit in several cities. For example, the price of gold in several cities has increased to 63 thousand rupees. The price of 22 carat gold weighing 10 grams in Chennai is 58 thousand rupees.

Silver Price Today

Silver Jewelery Price:-
3. In yesterday’s rate chart, the price of silver per kg was Tk 74800. The price of one gram of silver (Silver Rate) is 7480 Tk. Today, the price remains at the same place. No increase or decrease.
On the other hand, if we go to October 30, then on that day, the price of silver has gone up to 74 thousand 600 rupees. It means that the price of silver jewelry is increasing by 200 taka today and yesterday compared to that day.

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However, due to the huge fall in the gold rate, now even the middle class can buy their favorite gold jewelry. However, what goes without saying is that experts also say that the price of gold may rise again in the near future, so it is better if you buy this jewelry now and keep it to yourself. You can easily know the rate chart of various gold items at home.

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For this you need to give a miss call to 8955664433. Then a message will go to your phone. In that message you can see the current price of various gold items in detail. But why the delay? Buy your favorite gold jewelery quickly before the gold rate goes up again.
Written by, Nabadip Saha.

The article is in Bengali

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