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Winter vegetable prices fall as supply increases

Winter vegetable prices fall as supply increases
Winter vegetable prices fall as supply increases

Winter vegetable prices fall as supply increases. In the last one week, the prices of all types of winter vegetables have reduced by a maximum of Tk 30 per kg.

Businessmen say, In addition to the northern part of the country, local Chandanish is also available in Chittagong market, Patia, satkaniya, Ten thousand, The supply of winter vegetables has increased from Sitakunda and Banshkhali. Besides, the arrival of vegetables from the northern districts has increased. Broiler chickens, on the other hand, are stable, Egg and meat market. It was found out yesterday in the city’s Kazi Deuri and Battery Street Raw Markets, At present, the winter vegetable cauliflower is being sold at Tk 80, Beans 120 rupees, Cabbage 80 taka, Chichinga 6070 rupees, Radish 8090 rupees, Patel 90100 rupees, 6070 rupees, Lati 50 per cent60 rupees, Papaya 4050, Potatoes 5560 rupees, Barbati 7080 rupees, Cucumber is selling 6070 rupees. Besides, local tomatoes are being sold at 120 to 140 taka. Bean Kakral 90100 rupees, Rice and pumpkin are being sold at 50 each60 rupees, Gourds are sold at 50 in each size60 and sweet pumpkin is being sold raw at 50 taka and ripe at 60 taka.

Vegetable seller of Kazi Deuri market. Azam said, Prices of winter vegetables are falling due to increased supply. However, the price of summer vegetables is on the rise.

Meanwhile, it was found out after searching the fish market, At present, Rui fish is being sold at Tk 400 to Tk 450, Katal fish 400 to 500 taka, Shrimp fish 900 to 1000 taka, Cuttlefish 400 to 450, Tengra fish 700 to 800 taka, Kai fish 200 to 250, Pabda fish 450 to 500 taka, Pangas fish 180190 Tk, Tilapia fish 270280 and horn fish is selling for 550Selling at Rs.650.

On the other hand, 175 broiler chickens are being sold in the market180 rupees, Domestic chicken 500550 taka and beef 750 takaSelling for 800 rupees. Besides, dozen of chicken eggs are being sold at Tk 150 to Tk 155.

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